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Oops (Still Learning)

July 27, 2001 Leave a comment

So that calendar page isn’t anything like I thought it would be! Basically it shows you when I have posted and allows you to read those postings. Sorry for the mixup – I guess I will have to include calendar entries within the main body of the journal …

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The Beginning (A test)

July 27, 2001 Leave a comment

After mulling over the email newsletter idea for a couple of days, I finally decided that Listbot was the program for me!! Unfortunately, Listbot closes down in a few weeks, so that would not meet my needs. So a friend recommended and here I am.

I’ll be pestering many people over the next couple of weeks to bookmark this page if they want to keep up with my adventures over the next couple of months. I’ll keep this page updated even when I don’t take the time to write individual emails.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep everybody entertained as they live vicariously through me as I travel the country. For those of you who think this whole idea is silly, feel free to laugh at me often.

And of course, I will see most of you along the way! Check my calendar page for the tentative travel plans.

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