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Day One (I leave late, of course)

August 12, 2001 Leave a comment

When I said I was leaving before noon, I can’t imagine anyone who knows me actually believed it. So when we finally left the area at around 4 . . .

Many thanks to everyone who helped me pack up all my crap and put it into storage and into my car. I hate journals that namedrop, so I won’t drop your names. If you really really need to see it in print on the web, let me know and I will be sure to thank you by name, you spotlight-loving freak(s).

I drove only about 260 miles today and landed in Redding, CA. We did drive a few miles out of the way – I never did see a sign for 505 North – they may have removed the road? So I ended up having to go into downtown Sacramento to get onto Route 5. So at least now I can say I have seen the beautiful skyline of Sac up close.

Nothing in the way of interesting sights or sounds today, although due to the modern technological breakthrough known as AM radio, we were able to listen to the Mariners-White Sox baseball game on WTKT 1050 out of Oakland the entire drive.

The Motel 6 here is across the street from a card club. It’s nestled here alongside every other hotel chain conceivable, but of course has the lowest price of any national chain (and in this case, lower prices than some local competitors). They also have a little workstation for my computer!! Alas, they did not leave the light on for us – something about saving energy during the California energy crisis or some such lame excuse. Tom Bodet (spelling?) is a liar!! I’m going down now for a partial refund.

Oh and did I say this is across the street from a card club? I’m taking my refund and looking for some pocket aces!!


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