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Couer D’alene (Where’s my appetite?)

August 19, 2001 Leave a comment

I woke up in Seattle at 4:30 in the morning . . . sick. I had a slight fever and was extremely nauseous. Yes, not the stuff you want to read about, I am sure, but this is the whole depressing true story of what I hope is the worst day I had on my trip.

At 8:30 it was decision time. I either decide that I am sick and sleep it off at Joby’s, or I deal with it and hit the road. I decided (perhaps foolishly) to hit the road.

My first stop was in Easton, Washington to get gas. The gas station in Easton was asking $2 a gallon for gas! I only got 2 gallons there. I also decided to eat something – I got a little blueberry muffin and forced myself to eat it.

When going back to my car, I found my driver’s side door had broken. It would not unlock. This had happened before, but I had gotten it fixed. So now it decides to break right now, only 18 hours after I left a mechanic’s shop. And it would likely be Denver before I could find another Saab mechanic.

I just wanted to pack it all up and go home. But I don’t have a home. So instead i buried my head in my steering wheel and had a good cry. I thought I could turn around and go back to Seattle and get this thing fixed Monday or I could just deal with it. Heck, when it was broken before, I perfected the art of climbing in and out through the passenger door. So on I went.

Next stop was Ellensburg, Washington where I filled my gas tank with some reasonably priced gas. This is 111 miles out of Seattle and seems to be a big gas station and motel town for some reason. I think I found out the reason around mile 143 when I passed the Gorge Amphitheater. For some reason, they built the concert amphitheater 143 miles away from the city!!! Who the heck could make it to a show after work?? Seems like some REALLY dumb planning.

Central and Eastern Washington turn into very flat land. A lot of farms, a lot of wide open spaces – I Was not expecting this. It turned back into forest around Spokane, which was more like what I expected Washington to be like. I got a wonderful tour of all the rest areas on Route 90 as I stopped at all of them to wake myself back up. I found myself having a hard time staying awake even after finding the Mariners/Yankees game on the radio.

Now my goal for yesterday had been Missoula, MT which would have put me in range to be at Yellowstone this afternoon. But I only made it to Couer D’alene. I wish I could tell you about the beautiful lake and the wonderful downtown, but I checked in, went upstairs and crashed. I slept 5 hours and decided it was time to force myself to get a meal. I ate, oh, about 1/5th of my meal which I thought was pretty good.

So this morning I awake with a headache (of course) and a little nausea, but I think I have somewhat of an appetite. I’m going to walk to the restaurant next door and have some tea and toast and see how I handle that. Then I’m going to check out and continue on my way. I have no idea how far I am going to make it today. Hopefully I will get far enough east in Montana so that I can do Yellowstone properly. But unless I feel a lot better, I might have to cut it short again.

Hopefully yesterday is as bad as it gets. I’m going to be re-planning my trip dates pretty soon and will post them here. I’m gonna be behind for a while and I have to see where I can cut days out.

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