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Lakewood, CO (because Boulder is really expensive!!!)

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Today would have been the day the journal got boring, except that I actually stopped and did something. Let’s go back a moment.

Although the shower leaked, the Branding Iron Inn in Dubois, WY was pretty cool. I liked staying in a little log cabin and the couple that owns the place are cool. Stay there next time you are in Dubois, whenever that happens.

Instead of doing the really cool drive, I did the fast one. Why? Because I just wanted to get there already and I knew I was in the mood to do a lot of fast, boring driving. So 7 hours of that and I was in the Denver vicinity. And my cell phone returned to service!! I had nine messages, but none from some people. Why haven’t you called???

Anyway, I decided to go check out Boulder and likely stay overnight there. OK so the first part happened . . .

Boulder is a college town that has crossed the line from cool to hip. At least I think it was once cool – I had heard it was cool. But now it’s hip. If it wasn’t for the fact that I never tire of watching 18-21 year old girls dressed up for an evening of bar hopping, I think the town would have no redeeming qualities. Perhaps it was my visit to (dum dum) Powell’s City of Books (applause), but even the most used book stores per capita (according to their tourist map) didn’t excite me. It is a sad, sad day when used bookstores can’t excite me. (It would be sadder if the 18-21 year old girls couldn’t, but ummm….well…never mind)

So amongst the trendy restaurants and Sunglass Huts and Starbucks and Borders and t-shirt shops of the downtown area, was there anything worth doing? Well the 10 man acapella group from the University kicked ass. They were working for tips and doing a fine job it seemed. They were raising money to record their third CD. It might be good marketing to have the other ones for sale there. I guess none of these guys major in business, or even minor in it, or even have a friend with a brain say “SELL THE CDs WHEN YOU GO ON THE STREET TO PERFORM!!” Someone wanted their card to hire them for a gig and they didn’t have those either. Anyone want to go to Boulder and manage an acapella group??

Because my possible crash opportunity in Boulder fell through (thanks for trying!), I trudged out to find the cheapest motel in Boulder. This appeared to be the Flying L Motel. $70!! Holy crap!! So I started towards Denver thinking it might get cheaper! Wrong!!! The Comfort Inn in Superior (or Louisville) was $90. The guy at the Conoco told me that was the cheapest around. So he grabbed the Denver Yellow Pages and opened up to Motel 6. He told me about the three I do NOT want to stay in (bad neighborhood concerns) and told me how to get to the one he found for me. He also called and made sure they had room.

So I drove here, and basically this isn’t a terrific neighborhood either. Not bad or anything, but not great. So the ones in the bad areas may have actually been in bad areas. Besides, this is convenient to downtown and I plan on checking out the art museum and the Denver Mint before I leave town. One of the salespeople from my old job wants to meet me and that may happen in Greeley tomorrow on my way out of town. I will likely stay in Eastern Coloradio or Western Nebraska tomorrow night.

I want to leave time for Carhenge if possible!!!

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