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Hinsdale, IL (Dogs and chocolate do not mix)

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This morning I got up with destination Chicago! (OK Hinsdale, a super-uppity suburb of Chicago where my friend Dana is a resident in the hospital). So I hit the road again! Now the road itself is just not that exciting between Newport, IA and Chicago, IL. There was plentiful construction going on as well as intermittent heavy downpour, so the 5 hour drive took about 6 hours.

I arrived in Hinsdale with only a vague idea of how to get to Dana’s house. I knew I had to use Oak Street, which turned out to be flooded. I did not know how flooded so I stopped my car as some children were going to play in the flood. Meanwhile two gentlemen (parents?) saw me stopped and said into my open window:

“C’mon. Drive through there. Make our day!” I watched the children and realized it wasn’t too deep, so I drove through. Slush slush slush went my Saab through the foot deep puddles . . .

I got to Dana’s just in time for Primo’s (that’s her dog) walk. We walked around a little bit and then retired back to the apartment for some catching up. A friend and neighbor of Dana’s stopped by and we were all chatting when we noticed Primo was sniffing around my Guide Bag (purse) and eating something. What was he eating? Oh no! It was my Canadian Kit-Kat bar I had been saving for when I was really hungry. I was a little miffed, but ha ha ha, right??

Wrong. I had no idea that chocloate was poisonous to dogs, so the freaking out began. First thing we did was freak out. Then we came to our senses and Dana checked online to see if there was anything there about how bad it could be. Turns out Primo would have had to eat about 11-12 ounces of chocolate to have a serious problem. And he had eaten about half an ounce of Kit Kat bar, much of it cracker.

But still, his heart rate and breathing seemed to be sped up, and Dana decided to take action. She went to the drug store and bought some stuff that makes the dog vomit. And vomit he did – I’m telling you. The dog threw up everything for the next couple of hours, but this was the desired effect.

Next stop, Borders Books. Borders Books? Yes, well we wanted to go to the bookstore – I still want some Japanese language CDs and Dana wanted a book about dog care. Then we went to Walgreens where Dana picked up some Pedialite for the dog to restore his electrolyte balance.

So how is Primo? Primo is fine. He seems to be sleeping right now, which is good, because hyperactivity is among the symptoms of a chocolate eating dog. Oh by the way, did you know onions are poisonous to dogs, too? What can dogs eat, anyway???

Well that pretty much covers my first night in Hinsdale. I’ll be here tomorrow night, too, but not before going to the Cubs game tomorrow. I’m taking a train, a bus and a train to get there, and hopefully I will be able to score a ticket!!

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Newton, IA (Nothing happens)

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I wouldn’t have even written anything today if I didn’t think people expect it at this point. I woke up in North Platte, NE, got showered and dressed, and drove to Newton, IA. That’s it. I stopped for gas a couple of times and I ate some food. I bought a couple more powerball tickets. I listened to some music on CD and the radio. I heard the last out of the Cubs/Cardinals game on the radio – sounded exciting. I stopped and took a picture of a sign that says “Monument Ahead – do not park – do not slow down.” it used to say “stop” instead of “park.,” which was funnier. I washed my windows a few times – it’s amazing how many different colors and textures there are in the world of bug splatter.

Ok, that’s it. Tonight I’ll be in Chicago!

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