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Warsaw, Indiana (Children of the Corn)

The drive from Chicago to Warsaw, Indiana is the kind of drive you’d expect. You tool down US 30 at about 65 miles an hour past row upon row of cornfields broken up only by the occasional Wal-Mart. OK so maybe the Wal-Mart thing takes away from the charm of the area, but when you see a Wal-Mart, you know you are approaching a town.

I had left Hinsdale at about 12:30 (I planned to leave a little late, but yeesh!) so I knew I was arriving too early to meet up with my friend Adam as he was working until about 5:30 or 6:00. But I did need to do laundry so it seemed like my timing would be perfect.

And, well . . . it was! So this looks to be a pretty boring journal again. Sometimes the nice relaxing get stuff done days make for boring material. Seems like struggles and calamities are more interesting.

So anyway, I got to the laundromat at around 3:30 and washed and dried my clothes. I passed the time by finishing up The Heckler by Ed McBain and playing pinball. The washing machines were different, but I quickly got passed the learning curve and got the clothes done.

After that I still had 45 minutes to kill before meeting Adam, so I wandered into the local bookstore and browsed their magazine rack. I thought about buying a couple of magazines, but passed on them. (Whew, what a thrilling day so far!)

Then at 6 at the appointed time and place, Adam rolled up in his week old Honda Accord and I followed him to the Boathouse (I think that was the name of it) Restaurant where we had a fine meal. He assures me this is not only the best restaurant in town (and it was very good), but the only one of its kind. Warsaw is a small town, mind you, but it seems to be growing. A few different medical companies make their homes here and there are a lot of little lakes, which makes this a summer destination for Indianites.

After dinner, we retired back to Adam’s apartment, which is very nice clean and new. And cheap, but not as cheap as Butte, Montana. And next to a movie theater! But a movie was not on the schedule as we decided to play computer sports games instead!!

So there’s my day in a nutshell. Tomorrow is more of a road day than the past few have. I’ll be trying to head out of here early and want to hit the Louisville Slugger Factory tour if I can. I’ll be staying somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee tomorrow night, but I have no idea where! So stay tuned!

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