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Nashville, TN (Not out on the town)

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Well it’s 10:30 and I still haven’t gone out after dinner, so I guess I probably won’t be. There was nothing in the music listings that interested me, and no one could tell me what part of town might be fun in which to hang out, so I just sat here surfing around the web looking for something to do and didn’t come up with anything that appealed to me. Sure there were bars and restaurants, but I didn’t want to drink or eat or play pool or sing karaoke. And OK, the sports page ads for “Relaxation Centers” appealed to me on a purely id level, but The Ego and SuperEgo (I have no idea which one does what, so I’m putting them together) won out that battle.

I woke up pretty early this morning at Adam’s. I wanted to get to Nashville at a fairly reasonable hour so that I could sample the nightlife (see above for how THAT worked out). The drive from Warsaw to Indianapolis sucks. I mean it really sucks. You have to go on Indiana state routes for a little while that are 55 mostly, but only two lanes and too windy to get a lot of passing done. And you have these trucks driving 35 for no apparent reason (perhaps they are counting corn stalks?) Then when you get to US 31, you go through so many traffic lights for Wal Marts and Targets and KMarts and McDonald’s that you just crawl along. An 81 mile drive that took me OVER THREE HOURS!!!!

Well I did stop for 20 minutes to eat at Steak n’ Shake. I kept seeing these things all over Indiana so I decided to try one. Basically they specialize in Steakburgers (hamburgers) and Shakes (shakes). The food is above average fast food fare at average fast food prices. But they have table and counter service as well as a drive thru, which I found odd. They also have chili over spaghetti on their menu, which the manager assured me was ripped off from Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati based eating establishment that I still haven’t tried, darn it!!!

So now of course I am checking (why didn’t I think of this before?) and looking at the locations. Oh man there were four locations in Louisville and a couple in Indianapolis. Aha! There are 5 in Florida – now it is time to download them into my palm pilot so that I can visit one if I get the chance!

Now to check for Chik-Fil-As and Po Folks – ‘scuse me . . .

OK! There are TONS of Chick Fil A’s ( I had it spelled wrong) all over the place. Chicken Sandwich no pickles please, waffle fries and a big lemonade with no ice please!!! There don’t seem to be any convenient Po Folks, so their amazing swee’ tea will have to be skipped on this trip through the south. But Chick Fil A is mine! BWAAAA HA HA HA!!!!

Breakfast tomorrow morning will be at the Waffle House across the way! Yummy yummy waffles!!!

OK from Indianapolis to Louisville is all interstate. Lovely lovely interstate! I stopped in Louisville and did a little shmying. It seems to be a nice little city right on the Ohio river. I didn’t find Rick Pitino anywhere. I was going to ask him for some money, you know, one UMass alumni to another person who took a couple classes there . . .

The drive from Louisville to Nashville was pretty similar, except the speed limit goes up to 70 at the state line. i stopped in the welcome center and grabbed a bunch of pamphlets for Nashville as well as Memphis. I have all this Elvis stuff now! The cheapest motels all seemed to be off the same exit, so I used that exit. The Knights Inn was supposedly $29.99, but I couldn’t find the Knights Inn – I have no idea where they hid it, so I am using the Motel 6 at $31.99. Across the street is a place called Jack’s BBQ. I like BBQ!!! And there were two locations, one downtown and one right there across from my motel. So there I went for dinner.

I couldn’t decide between the ribs and the beef, so I had a combo. I couldn’t decide between sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese (I was definitely getting the beans – these real BBQ joints have great beans) so I asked the gentleman slinging the beef which to get. He told me the sweet potatoes (candied yams actually) were made right there and the mac n’ cheese is brought in from elsewhere. So that decision was made for me. And I also had the sweet tea. Now they had two sauces to choose from – the original vinegar based and the “Sweet Hot” tomato based. So I took a little cup of each. The original vinegar based was good, but the sweet hot is the best barbecue sauce I’ve ever had!!! And because I get to put it on myself, I could use it in moderation. So of course I bought a jar of it. They’ll ship it by the case as well, in case you want to try it.

So after dinner, I began thinking about what to do next. But then again, I had just eaten barbecue, so maybe going out isn’t wise. But since I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything, I decided it would be a nice night to do a little reading and writing. So I did. Tomorrow is Memphis and GRACELAND!!! I get so lonely baby, I get so lonely . . .

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