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Teaneck, NJ (No money, just like earth)

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George Carlin tells this joke about heaven, where he says you get everything back you ever lost. Every pen, every sock, etc. And you also get back all your wallets. No money, just like earth. Well Aaron lost his wallet on the bus Saturday night. He got the wallet back on Sunday when a bus driver found it. No money, no bus pass. Because this is earth.

Saturday morning, we got our stuff together and prepared to take the bus into the city. (For the uninitiated, the city is New York City, specifically Manhattan). First I played a few levels of Space Channel 5 on the Dreamcast. This is the most bizarrely fun game ever. Imagine Barbarella as a videogame, I think. Anyway, that wasn’t the point of the day. We were on our way to the city, the big apple, the one that never sleeps . . .

We got to town about 3:00 and we had a 3:30 movie, a showing of Apocalypse Now Redux, the extended version of the Francis Ford Coppola classic. I have never seen the movie, but Aaron has. Aaron has passes for this theater, so it is going to cost $7 instead of $10. (This is an important detail for later). We take our seats in this gigantic theater, the Astor Place. The screen is the size of a small city. And of course Aaron wants to move a LOT closer. We compromise and get a seat that is too close for me, although in the headache inducing range. When the trailers start, I am disappointed to see a gigantic black line going through the middle of the frame with many other smaller ones surrounding it. I tell Aaron that if those are there when the feature starts, I’m leaving.

So the feature starts, a helicopter flies across the screen to the opening of The Doors’s song The End, and of course the big gigantic scratch is still there. So I pick up my things, tell Aaron I am leaving and I’ll meet him here at 7 and I go. I knock on the ticket office and ask to speak to the manager. And while I’m waiting for the manager, who should come up the escalator but Aaron? Seems he couldn’t keep his mind of it due to my complaining about it. Frankly, I think anyone who doesn’t complain is a fool, for they are paying TEN DOLLARS to see a poor presentation of a “Newly Remastered Print” that will soon be on DVD in perfect focus and clarity for $15. So the manager comes out, hears our complaints and issues us a full refund of $10 per person. Of course we had only paid $7, so we made a profit!!

But of course what we really had wanted to do was see the movie, but there was no chance of that today. Even though other theaters in town show it, we had an 8:00 concert at Radio City. We had Yes with an orchestra!! So off we went looking for something to do. We tried Barcode, this new combination of a bar and an arcade right in Times Square. I tried Dance Dance Revolution, but it was broken. About a minute into the song, the screen would freeze while the music continued to play. Eventually it would come back on, but it had counted every step while the song was frozen as a miss. I got the guy to fix it – he said he did, but it happened again. So the people who where watching decided to play and I had to explain to them that the machine was broken and that it is not supposed to act like that. They didn’t know and the people working there refused to put an “Out of Order” sin on the thing.

Golly – I couldn’t get anything to work! So Aaron decided we should do something where there would be no complaining – we would go to St. Mark’s and look at DVDs and CDs. Well twist my arm, why don’t you?? So we did a little bit of shopping before time got short again and we were on our way uptown to Radio City. We got there in plenty of time for the show to begin, which it did almost promptly at 8:10 PM.

Yes with an orchestra brought about some surprises. Close to the Edge actually had a pretty poor use of the orchestra, whereas Long Distance Runaround probably made the best use of it. Some songs were played without – Perpetual Change, Roundabout, I’ve Seen All Good People. Starship Trooper only used it during the Wurm section that closes the song. The show lasted 2:40 in total. Radio City Music Hall has fantastic acoustical properties. Every note could be easily and clearly heard from our seat in the first mezzanine. There’s nothing particularly ornate about the inside of the hall – perhaps that is why it sounds so good?

It was an extremely good Yes concert, although the setlist tread extremely close to the one from the last tour. Subtract Heart of the Sunrise, add Perpetual Change and a couple of new songs from a new album and it is practically an exact match. You’d think that with the orchestra they would have brought back some of the Time and a Word songs that were recorded with an orchestra originally. Oh well.

After the concert, we turned down the $32 t-shirts and moved on to dinner. A nice late dinner at Ollie’s Noodle House before racing to catch the midnight bus back to Jersey.

Sunday morning I was awoken by Aaron telling me his wallet was gone. We knew it disappeared on the bus or between here and the bus stop, because he had paid for the darned bus. He had been up all night looking for it by calling NJ Transit and walking back and forth between here and the stop and it just never turned up. And the bus people’s Lost and Found doesn’t open on Sundays. Inside Aaron’s wallet was the tickets for the Yankees/Red Sox game. Well, being 12 games out made this less than traumatic, almost to the point of relief.I am going to tonight’s game, although it is raining like crazy right here, right now. Perhaps by game time in the Bronx it will be dry. Then again, perhaps not.

Anyway, so yesterday I was going to be meeting my friend and fellow Fruhead Lisa in the Bronx after the Yankee game. But since I wasn’t going to the game, I had to make a big change of plans. So Aaron and I went to the local bar to watch the New England Patheticiots lose to the Bengals. The Bengals?!?!? This gives the PatriRots a legitimate shot at an 0-16 season. It’s gonna be a long one, but I’ll keep watching.

After that, I made a trip into the city for dinner and CD shopping with Lisa, and I even bought my first CD of my stay in New York! It won’t be my last as new albums by Ben Folds, Yes and They Might Be Giants all come out tomorrow. Eek!!

Anyway, I’m going now – gotta get ready to catch another bus into New York. Catch you later!

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