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New York, New York (All Hell Breaks Loose)

September 11, 2001 Leave a comment

I am not going to say much right now – I am using a wireless internet remote control at the Hotel Benjamin at Lexington and 50th, and it is a little tough to use. The keyboard is slow and fairly unresponsive.

But I thought you might like to know that although I am trapped in New York (for as far as I can tell), I am OK.

I was on the bus when I noticed the World Trade Center was on fire. The second plane hit while I was in the Lincoln Tunnel. When the bus got to Port Authority, I chose to get off as opposed to going back to New Jersey. No way was I about to go back into that tunnel!!

So here I am, in New York, “stuck” in a 4 star hotel that Aaron’s company is paying for. I have a lot to say about today, but I will do that later, when I have unlimited time. But I thought you might want to know I am OK.

Until then . . .

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