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Teaneck, NJ (When all else fails, go shopping)

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That’s my big stress reliever – I buy crap. On Thursday, after a morning of reading more of my Motley Crue book (did I mention I was reading their autobiography, The Dirt, in which they tell many many stories of sex and drugs and a little bit of rock and roll), Aaron and I decided to go to the mall. Why the mall? Why not?

But first we had to find the CD store we had shopped at a couple of years ago, and Aaron only had a general idea of where to find it. So we drove up and down a few streets in the area until we finally spotted it. But not before we found a store named Plastic Bag Outlet. Yes, all they sell is plastic bags. So went in! You see, although you might not know it, plastic bags come in very handy to game collectors. Large bags are good for storing entire magazine games, and smaller bags are very useful for holding game pieces and counters. The prices at the store are very good, although not when compared to online bag companies. But who wants to order 1000 ziploc bags online when you get 100 ziploc bags down the street at Plastic Bag Outlet! I mean – it’s PLASTIC BAG OUTLET! The place where you never need to ask “paper or plastic?” Every town needs one.

No bags were bought (at least not today – anybody need 4000 6×9 2 mil plastic bags?), so we moved on to the CD store. Still as we left it, full of lots and lots of used cheap metal CDs and stuff we had not thought existed. Plus, they had two copies of the rare and out of print Rush biography, so we each got one! We had read that morning that Dream Theater was considering recalling (in fact, they have done so) their new triple live CD just released Tuesday. The cover art depicts New York on fire (because it was recorded in New York and their shows set the town on fire I suppose), so it was deemed inappropriate for release this week. This store was sold out of it, but I wanted the album for three reasons – one, because I buy everything they put out, and two, because it is a recalled item and I don’t want to wait months and months for it to come back to the store, and three, because it’s collectable. However, this CD store was sold out of it, so we would have to look at the mall.

Next stop, The Wiz. They had pulled the CD set from the shelves. Then Sam Goody. Same thing. Then Borders. They had about 8 copies. We bought 4 – one for me, one for Aaron and one for my friends Ben and Adam (whom I’ve mentioned previously). We considered buying them all for resale, but I decided I would feel weird selling them for a profit considering why they would be rare. We went home late to find them already going for $100 on eBay, but I stand strong in my decision not to profit on it.

While at Borders, I also bought a few books. I grabbed The Big Damn Book of Manliness, which was way too expensive on its original release, but has since become a bargain table staple. I also picked up Nancy Cartwright’s book on The Simpsons (she voices Bart), now in paperback. The third and, I guess neatest, book is called The Gospel According to The Simpsons, which is an analysis of how the Simpsons deals with Christianity and is in fact a good role model for a modern Christian family. It’s great stuff, and I hadn’t actually thought about how much material there is that relates to the topic.

Next stop, JC Penny so that Aaron could get some swim trunks for a swim at his fitness center. We went in for one piece of swimwear for Aaron, yet we both walked out with a bunch of clothes. The $1.99 clearance rack was full of Hawaiin style rayon shirts – Aaron got 8, I got 4. Plus they also had some nice 100% cotton button down short sleeve jerseys for $1.99, so I bought a couple of those. I also bought some swim trunks two sizes too big for me for $1.79, but with the string, I managed to get them on, so now I can go swimming, too. (Although we haven’t gone). Just wait until you see my new Tiki shirt!

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory followed. Aaron’s dessert caused much laughter – he took two bites and quit. He now has it in the refrigerator, where he figures it will take him a month to eat. This is the Blackout Cake, and I would recommend this as a dessert for four. It’s ridiculously rich and gigantic. No one person should have to eat this in one sitting. I think next time I go there, I will just get two desserts and skip the meal.

Another lazy day followed on Friday. There was lunch at the Sereni-Tea Cafe in downtown Teaneck and then 2-3 hours in the Brier Rose Bookshop. Then dinner, then The Wicker Man on DVD, then sleep. (Yes, that was the short version, but I need to pack up the computer)

Today it’s back into the city to play games at the Complete Strategist with the 33rd Street Chitkickers and then on to my cousin David’s out in Rye.

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