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Springfield, MA (I finally say something)

September 19, 2001 Leave a comment

I know I know I know it’s been a while since I have updated this thing. But since I am on the “visit with friends and family” portion of the journey, and therefore not going anywhere new to me, I don’t have much to say about these places. How do I describe the glory of seeing the Springfield skyline for the first time when I have seen it so many times before? (And no, seeing the Springfield skyline is not glorious, although the view coming from the Memorial Bridge heading west right around sunset is pretty cool) Also, since I am not holed up in a Motel 6 in the middle of nowhere, my time is being spent doing the visiting thing and not the sit by myself on a bed with my laptop writing a journal thing.

OK, I think that is enough excuses.

Saturday, as I said, I played board games at the Complete Strategist on 33rd Street. We played Azteca, which is an English version of a French game. I hated the game, both for the theme (raiding tribes and sacrificing the captured warriors to the Gods) and for the clunky rules, which I imagine had never been play-tested after being translated into English. We then played Star Fleet Battle Force, which is a Star Trek Universe card game of ship to ship combat. We had fun with it, but I am not sure if it is all that good of a game. I’d play it again, unlike Azteca which I never want to see again!

I then journeyed on to my cousins’ David and Felice’s place in Rye, NY. We chatted for a while, had some dinner, went to sleep. Next morning we found out that the wind woudn’t be good enough for sailing, so David and I played with the two year old Allison while Felice took the four year old Emily to a mermaid-themed birthday party. Then David and I went to an electronics store in Stamford on our way to meet Felice and Emily at an auction. This was a regular auction of antique and antique-like items. They had some cool stuff and some crap. The thing started at 2 and was over by 3, so then we moved on for a light lunch at the Broadway Diner. (Now you see? Did you really need to read this last paragraph? Couldn’t I just have skipped the whole thing?)

Back on the road after lunch on to my friend Tad’s mom’s apartment in South Windsor. Tad worked on hooking up AOL while his mom and I caught up with each other. Then we were fed heavily by Mrs. D – meatloaf, potatoes, spinach, peas (yes I even ate a few peas), apple sauce – am I leaving something out here? After dinner, we chatted some more before we headed up to Tad’s house.

At Tad’s, he made the mistake of showing me this program called MacMame. I had heard of the Mame family of programs before, but had never witnessed them. Basically, it is an arcade game emulator downloadable for free. Then you download ROMs which are the actual programs that run the arcade games. Then, right there on your home computer, you are playing the ACTUAL arcade games that you know and love. Now what is my favorite video game of all time? Tournament Cyberball 2072 of course. And there it was, the actual game, in all it’s glory, with the bugs still intact. Now learning how to play it using a keyboard instead of a joystick took some time, but after about 7 or 8 games of it, I was back to a decent level of play.

I looked around for other games, and basically every arcade game I could think of was in this folder. Over 2000 games in all, I hadn’t even heard of most of them. So if you are ever looking for me once I get my desktop PC set up wherever I live, you’ll likely find me rotting in front of my PC playing UN Squadron or Double Dragon.

I’ll be heading out to Boston soon, so maybe just maybe I will have some adventures there to share with you. Until then . . .

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