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Springfield, MA (Where the hell have I been?)

Just in case anyone still checks this, I thought maybe it might be time to update it again. I wasn’t kidding when I said I wouldn’t be updating as often, but golly isn’t this just ridiculous?

So last I left this journal (and if I actually catch up to today, that would be amazing) I was leaving Boston to come back to Springfield.

So here is the quick Week in Review!! Which, if history is any lesson, will not be finished in this entry!!

Friday night was karate at Froggy’s in Westfield. Tad and I were going – Tad works with one of the bartenders – and since this place was down the street from my friend Christina’s place, I convinced her to cancel boring plans and come with us instead! Froggy’s is a western style roadhouse bar smack dab in the middle of Massachusetts, perhaps the last place one would expect it? With the Telethon (you remember the telethon – if not, read all about how much the stars care in this week’s People Magazine) on in the background, we did our singing thing. Tad on Margaritaville and Interstate Love Song, Christina on Let’s Give ’em Somethin’ to Talk About, me on Ballroom Blitz and Let’s Go Crazy, and finally Paradise by the Dashboard Light. So while we were bringing the house down with our brilliant karaoke stylings, Tad was getting hit on by the wrong kind of women, so we didn’t stick around long. (If I were getting hit on by the wrong kind of women, I’m sure I would have stayed, but Tad’s standards are definitely higher than mine).

On Saturday, Tad and I went to Christina’s place of business, Balise Honda, to take a look at possible replacements for Tad’s aging 1984 TransAm. He’s afraid the sporty Firebird might not be the best winter car, so why not buy a nice car like a Honda Insight? Of course, there was still the small matter of the possible purchase of his brother’s 1990 Toyota Supra. But since Christina gets a commission just for Tad showing up to look at cars, we may as well look, right? Next thing I know, Tad has a small deposit down on the Insight, just in case the Supra falls through. Now later, as it turns out, he decided the Insight was a little pricey and the deposit was transferred to a 1999 Chevy Camaro (in sleek blue, six cylinder, very quick, weren’t we looking for a winter car?). But finally, the brother came through with the Supra Turbo and all this car shopping was over!

After the big car shopping trip, I got my crap together and went up to UMass for the evening to visit my friend Aura (she’s Dana’s sister – those astute readers will note that I stayed with Dana in Chicago – you may recall I almost killed her dog. Those non-astute readers will wonder when the heck I was in Chicago). I got up to the school around about 3:00 and proceeded to start playing with the computer. First I had to find a streaming video of Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video (Have you seen this yet? SEE IT!!) for Aura. I did this, and she proceeded to watch it about 5 or 6 times, then show everyone who came in the room as well.

Then I finally got Aura to leave and go downtown to get a slice of Antonio’s Pizza! Antonio’s Pizza! When compared to Antonio’s, all other pizza sucks. Some pizzas suck less when compared to Antonio’s, say Rinaldi’s in Longmeadow, Lena’s in Hartford, this place whose name I never remember in Boston . . . but it’s all just levels of crap next to Antonio’s. Heck, there’s a pizza place in Tempe, Arizona started by two former UMass students – they got the recipes from Antonio and worked there to learn how to make the pizza exactly the same way – they have pictures of people sitting outside on North Pleasant Street eating Antonio’s Pizza. Their pizza sucks, too. Antonio’s has slices of everything – anything you can want, they have. They don’t have it? They’ll make it. Their pizzas are by the slice – sure, you can get a whole pizza, but they charge more for a whole pizza than they do by the slice. OK I’ve just reread this last paragraph. It is a total rant – it makes no sense. Let me continue. They put toppings on these pizzas, and when you take a bite, the toppings NEVER MOVE. You can hold the slices upside down and shake them, and the toppings WON’T FALL OFF. It’s astounding, in fact scary – it’s some sort of magic topping glue. I’ve never seen anything like it.

After our snack, we went to a bookstore so Aura could get some books for one of her classes, then shmied around a bit, then finally back to the dorm. At this point, I stuck the 10 volumes of Strangers in Paradise under her nose and told her to get down to business. We were going to be having dinner later with about 11 of her housemates . . .

. . . and the continuing adventures of Gordon in Massachusetts will follow sometime after, as I am off to Tad’s hockey game now. Come back, dear readers, for these exciting highlights!!!

Gordon hears an entire sorority house singing Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror at the tops of their lungs!!!
Gordon boogies like Bob Boogie!!!
Gordon buys a suit, looks stellar, women everywhere pass out!!!
Gordon atones!!!
Gordon thinks about his future!!!
Gordon goes to bar for free drinks, leaves $400 richer!!!
. . . . and more!!!!

Same Bat-Channel, Obviously a different Bat-Time!!!

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