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Springfield, MA (Is This On? )

I now sit here drinking my Glenlivet on the rocks, freshly purchased at the Duty Free Shop on the Quebec/Vermont border. Having been to another country is surely worthy of kicking this journal back into gear. But before I do, a quick recap of where I am and where I am going.

So right to the teasers . . .

1. Gordon hears an entire sorority house singing Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror at the tops of their lungs!!! Do I need to explain? I don’t understand how a sorority today could have that as some sort of group singalong. I failed to realize the relevance of Michael Jackson in today’s world, I guess.

Gordon boogies like Bob Boogie!!! Gordon always boogies like Bob Boogie – just get me some dance music and a wooden floor and watch out below!!

Gordon buys a suit, looks stellar, women everywhere pass out!!! This didn’t happen quite like this. There have been no reports of women actually passing out.

Gordon atones!!! This was way back when, about a month ago. Golly I hardly remember! Anyway, this was Yom Kippur and I spent much of the day in temple.

Gordon thinks about his future!!! OK more on this later.

Gordon goes to bar for free drinks, leaves $400 richer!!! Oh yeah, scratch ticket, big fun.

So where was I? It’s hours and hours later and I am going to do my classic, wimpy, go to sleep thing. But fear not – Tad is going to sit behind me with a sharp kitchen utensil tomorrow until I finish this entry.

Just be warned – I’m pretty much skipping the past few weeks, in which I went to Baltimore for some baseball games, to a Yankees/A’s playoff game, to UMass for more partying, to some bars, to some hockey games, read a few books, ate some more Suon Le Chow Show, ate sushi in Boston Chinatown with my friend Jason, swore up and down about the A’s blowing the series (fuckin’ Jeter!), ate at the Border Cafe (they took Mexican ravioli off the menu, those bastards), played some games, visited the offices of DC Comics, and generally lamented the destruction of my Saab dashboard and yelled at my insurance company some. Ask me about any of these things next time you see me.

So come back soon (if anybody still checks this thing) and find out when I’m returning to California (and why I chose there) and begin following the cross country journey again. And of course, yes, of course . . . read about Montreal!

Au Revoir!

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