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Oklahoma City, OK (My update of no update)

Yes, this will be brief. I found that when I was touring the country on my own, I had a lot more time to write. I would spend an hour or more a day writing these entries – if I got in early or left late, I was only costing myself time. But this time across the country, I am trying to keep a schedule, and therefore I am not taking the time to write it up. I will now, however, present my notes:

flappy flappy
dinner in chambly
checking in
going out – bars
video games
Tim Horton’s
walking around
line too long
Chez Cora
Weird guys records
old town
notre dame
basilica – panhandling in a church
Molson Center
Back to Chambly for car fixing
Duty Free

Friday – packing and carselling

Saturday – pumpkin carving, driving to Carlisle, PA

Sunday – Pro Football Hall of Fame 3Ws – Tad buys CDs for the first time

Monday – Ohio, Air Force Museum, Mershon’s Motors, Skyline Chili

Tuesday – Driving to St Louis, out and about (sort of) in town – riverboat casino

Wednesday – Driving to Oklahoma – Sultan of Smoke, playing Holdem while driving, fucking Yankees, Bricktown

And now it is Thursday morning, and sometime soon these notes will become full fledged stories!! I hate even sending the notes out because . . . well . . . I like the element of surprise in my journal entries. But since I’m not writing any journal entries right now, I thought I could at least give you the short version. Today we’re off to Albuquerque. We’ll be making a stop in Amarillo so that Tad can try to eat the 72 ounce steak at Big Tex Steakhouse. I’ll be having an 8 oz ribeye, thank you . . .

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