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July 27, 2002 Leave a comment

You see the problems with resolutions? No one ever follows through. It took me ONE ENTIRE DAY to break my resolution. Granted it was a birthday resolution and not a New Year’s resolution, but still . . .

I have a cold. That’s my excuse. Not a terrible cold, but the mildly annoying kind. It’s the kind that puts me through a big box of tissues every two days. I never feel sick enough to lie in bed all day, but never quite well enough to be up all day. So I’m up and then I lie in bed, then up, then in bed.

Of course this is all terrible timing, as Sunday morning at 5, I leave for the airport. I better medicate myself well, because flying with a cold is miserable. The congestion congests. I am flying Jet Blue, which puts a television monitor in every seat with DirecTV. I don’t know what channels I get, but it has to be better than in-flight magazines! Channel surfing at 30,000 feet! What a country!

In order to make up for my lost day, I shall give you a bad poem. Ahem.

There once was a bottle of beer
That I hadn’t drunk for a year
In the fridge it had sat
And it got stale and flat
I tasted it, trembling with fear

Ok I made that one up on the spot. I have no good last line. If you are reading this (I mean, seriously, after all this time, who is reading this?) and you have a better last line, please suggest it. Or if you have a better five lines.

Repeat after me, you are NOT the man from Nantucket.

BOBA REPORT: Tonight at Tapioca Express in Union City, I had a free Honey Milk Tea with small pearls (they were out of the full sized ones – I practically choked on the tiny ones), a pepper crispy chicken, spice level one to clear my sinuses and a strawberry snow bubble with no pearls. (Editor’s note: Due to the trip I am about to take, there will be no regularly scheduled boba reports during the next 9 days. Stay tuned for updates as they happen.)

That’s all for tonight. I am counting this as friday, which means I only missed two days. I swear I’ll get regular with this thing. But some days I just do laundry and read comics. Do you really want to hear about laundry and comics?



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You Win (Happy Birthday to Me)

July 23, 2002 Leave a comment

I’ve been feeling a lot of peer pressure to start writing in this journal again. C’mon people! It’s only been since November of last year when I left you hanging during the final week of my big trip. I have my notes from the trip and perhaps I will write about it, perhaps I won’t.

Writing about the traveling was useful and entertaining to me when I was alone. It kept me feeling like I was sharing the trip with friends and family. Once I was literally on a trip with another person, I didn’t have the same urge to put it down on paper. What goes on the road stays on the road? Not like any of THAT went on this road, but you know what I mean.

Today is my 31st birthday. Now I can’t even pretend to be in my 20s anymore.

I resolve this year to write something in this journal every day, be it a long essay or a lousy poem. Feel free to come along for the ride.


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