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I’m an APEman, I’m an APE APEman.

Today was day one of APE.

I waited in line, got my laminated volunteer badge. It’s pretty. Even the exhibitor badges are unlaminated. I must be special to get the plastic coating, eh?

First things first, I had to find the bathrooms. No, not because I needed to use the bathrooms but because I was wearing a volunteer badge and surely someone would ask me where the bathrooms are! No one ever did, but I was asked where the ATM is (no clue).

Next I went looking for the booths of some friends of mine. I had to find out if the Sandy Clark who writes Moo is the same Sandy Clark I used to game with before he disappeared from the gaming group. And it was! We had a nice long talk, and his strip (about a New York cow in California) is pretty funny. I’ll buy the book tomorrow.

On to find Mark Britt (goes by Mark Haven Britt). His book is really fascinating. I want to read the rest of it now. Now! But alas I cannot. It looks to be a good story – only the lettering needs an upgrade. Someone should publish it so I can buy it!

Then I went to the people who sell the ding and dent comics for 40 cents an ounce. I bought $165 worth of books for $40. Their booth is a must-see every year. And this year, I remembered to go on the first day!

Then I wandered some. Saw some books I have to get tomorrow, like Keith Knight’s knewest and this book by this guy whose name I don’t remember that tells Japanese stories using old fashioned Japanese art like you might see on woodblock prints. Gorgeous stuff.

I attended Terry Moore’s panel during which he discussed multiple aspects of Strangers in Paradise. He went into some details on the characters, went into no detail on where the plot was going, admitted there is an ending to the story, discussed the novel and the lack of a movie, apologized for Birds of Prey 49, said many nice things about DC Comics in general, mentioned that he has read the entire works of Ian Fleming and generally came across as he always has before – as a nice thoughtful writer with no ego whatsoever. I bought Francine and Katchoo pins – you can see them on my purse (guide bag) next time I am around.

After the paneling and the wandering, I ended up doing my volunteer shift. I had to sit in front of a door and make sure he doesn’t leave. And I got to read while doing it. But then my friends came over to hang with me because they were tired of wandering. Finally at 6:30 the guy in the uniform locked the door, I turned in my laminated badge for the evening and we were off to dinner.

We are at Moonstar Seafood and Sushi buffet. It was very good. Worth every penny of the $20. I ate at least $65 worth of food. Stay away from the beef and green beans, but go nuts on the sushi and the claw like things with fish and the BBQ pork and the Shumai and the pork buns and the spinach dumplings and the duck and the gyoza. Yum.

And now it is a little past midnight and I am off to bed so I can go back for another fun day (that’s my Sunday) at APE. Cheers!

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