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Grape APE

Today I failed in my quest to buy Pepsi. I had so many opportunities to do it, but my desire to bring a COLD Pepsi did me in. I found a Pepsi machine in the hall, but when it came time to buy the Pepsi . . . it was empty.

And why did I need a Pepsi? All those who have been hanging with me recently know that I have quit drinking soda as of last December. But the description for Chynna Clugston-Major’s panel said that she would answer questions in exchange for Pepsi and/or beer. And I thought it would only be polite to bring a Pepsi. Instead, all I could offer was my apologies and my lame questions.

Today was the second day of APE. This morning, I started with volunteering. I was placed by the door and told everyone coming in that they need to pay at the bottom of the ramp. Thrills! Chills! Spills!

I walked around some more today, bought a few assorted items that I thought were cool, picked up a CBLDF t-shirt, and started writing this entry way after I was too tired to coherently write a journal entry, so I have pretty much finished my story.

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