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Music For Dummies

February 3, 2003 Leave a comment

So when I started updating the live journal again, I decided I would be like many other people and use the mood and music option. I get to choose my mood and tell everyone what I am spinning in my computer’s CD player. So now I wonder. Do I choose the music because it is what I want to hear right now? Or do I choose it so that some reader (I pray there must be one or two) will see what I am playing and think “hey. He’s cool. He likes . . .”

XTC, for example. Did I just play this XTC disc because I wanted to hear Love on a Farmboy’s Wages? Or because I want people to know that I know Love on a Farmboy’s Wages. Who is reading anyway?

Today I realized that I have no one for which to make a mix CD. How pathetic is that? My roommate wants to make CDs for this person and that person, and he is using my burner to do it. And I can’t say “no. You can’t use my burner. I am using it to make a mix CD.” Because I’m not.

So someone should email me or reply to this journal and ask me to make you a mix CD. I’d be overjoyed. Especially if you would like the music I would choose. The most likely candidate for mix CDs (gosh how I just want to call them mixtapes) would be a best of 2002 or a local bands of my youth mix or one I have intended to make forever – the “songs that always make me feel good about the day” mix. I already know what starts that one.

Is it harder or easier to make mixes now? Used to be able to do two themed sides at 45 minutes per, but now you have to make one side of 70 minutes or so, so if you want to do two themes, it takes 140 minutes. Then there is the whole case thing. Cassettes always came with a case – CDs only come with a case if you pay more for them. So now i have a giant spindle of blank CDs on my desk, buried here somewhere. And if I want to make a mix for someone, I have to go out separately and buy cases! Crazy!

Three different people at work today told me I looked depressed today. Was I depressed? I have no idea. I didn’t think so, but everyone telling me I looked down sure got me down! What was wrong with me, anyway? I had better get peppy in a hurry because a container is coming from Taiwan and there are thousands of outstanding packing slips to ship and I have a meeting tomorrow with this consultant from Florida and . . .

And if I let this stuff get to me, if I think it is all my responsibility . . .I lose. Yet I constantly put pressure on myself to do things I couldn’t possibly accompish on my own. And then the day-to-day drudgery stuff – paperwork, data entry, reporting – goes by the wayside. I need to accept doing less and do that stuff well.

I didn’t really finish talking about APE, so I should mention the sidewalk on 7th Street. Adjoining a vacant lot at 7th and . . . something . . . is a broke-ass version of the sidewalk in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater. Handprints, signatures, little stars. It looks like they gave up even before they started. The handprints were James Doohan, John Heard, George Takei, Phillis Diller, Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwaitt, Nina Blackwood, Wolfman Jack, Harry Nilsson, and a few others. Was it real or someone’s idea of performance art? I kept looking to see if I was on camera. I have no idea how to . . . wait . . . gonna do a websearch RIGHT NOW.

BRB . . .

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So if anyone knows anything about this little hidden gem of San Francisco, I would LOVE to know.

My roommate gave me the best minicomic from APE this year. It is Fleep by Jason Shiga. I can’t imagine something better than this. It is a bizarre mathematical suspense science fiction tale. A guy is stuck in a phone booth for an unknown reason in an unknown location and has to figure out how to get out. Incredibly brilliant. I am sorry I did not get my own copy. I should check out the website and get one! Wow, the internet is so amazing, isn’t it?

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