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A busy day with friends

This morning I woke up early to the sound of nothing. It’s nice to wake up to the sound of nothing, but not so nice that my internal clock gets me up at 7:00 even on the weekends. It could be nice. Let’s say, for example, that I wanted to hit flea markets and tag sales. Then getting up at 7 would be nice. But if I were doing that, I would have set my alarm. And when it went off at 7, I would have moaned and groaned and shut it off, not to wake up until well after 10.

So I got up and played a little Animal Crossing. As the trip to Fresno had been called off, I needed something to do today. I decided to see the new Jackie Chan movie and then head up to Oakland to play board games. Today was East Bay Games Day! 20-25 board game geeks all descending upon Endgame in Oakland for some games. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday? Since it can’t be APE every weekend?

Shanghai Knights was pretty good. It was definitely entertaining. Jackie threw in a bunch of neat stunts, many of which are repeated from his earlier movies, but some are completely new. I’ll need to watch them over and over and over again when the DVD comes out. Sticking out in my head are the revolving door scene, the umbrella scene and the fight with Donnie Yen.

Donnie Yen is such a badass. He’s Iron Monkey, dammit! And yet in this movie, he was reduced to some bad dialogue and a very short fight scene. Why wasn’t he used more? He’s IRON MONKEY!!! It’s like Lethal Weapon 4 with Jet Li. This is Jet Li, biggest badass in Hong Kong films, and they bring him over for a Hollywood movie and reduce him to thug. At least he is getting some starring roles, albeit with DMX in Cradle 2 the Grave. (word)

Random thought for today: My DJ is warm, he’s X, I call him Norm you know.

Then I went up to Oakland. Today I played Modern Art, Carcassone, Starfarers of Catan and Blokus. Then I bought some game whose name I don’t remember, but it is a four player German designed by Martin Wallace. I also picked up (mainly for my roommate with the unhealthy obsession with sheep) a game called War and Sheep. It’s a quick playing 2 player game where you attack the other player’s herd of sheep with your sheep and there’s mad sheep and something like that and it looks really silly, but there it is.

I came home tonight to the shocking news that my friend Tad didn’t understand that we weren’t coming to Fresno. I had spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday, and I thought it was clear. Since he wasn’t going to get to hang before or after the game, we weren’t going to make the long drive down. Instead, I was going to fly to LA and spend a weekend. But somehow or other he misunderstood, and apparently called, upset and hurt. Now I feel bad. Was I not clear enough? Did he think we were doing both?

I’m having this unhealthy obsession with the Xanadu soundtrack over the last couple of days. Perhaps it is because it reminds me of being 9 and not having responsibilities apart from grade school. A time where people couldn’t misinterpret me and think I was coming to Fresno. When ELO sings “I’m Alive,” I am a kid again. And Olivia Newton John and her sisters are jumping out of a wall and they look good (although at 9, did I know? I recall some realization that she was cute or hot or pretty or something, but was that at 12 looking through my album covers? Or did I know it at 9?

I’m going to be starting a regular feature in the journal. I’ll call it “Gordon’s Book of Lists.” It is going to be a list of my favorite or best or whatever of random things. The order will always be random – nothing is ever ranked. Maybe someday I’ll compile them. Today I start with:

Gordon’s Top 6 Favorite Movie Stars of All-Time.

Jackie Chan – I have 40+ of his movies on DVD. His movies always make me grin like an idiot. My ex-girlfriend thinks he is cute, and I never minded, because at least she would watch the movies with me!

Buster Keaton – one goes with the other. I discovered Jackie Chan due to my discovery of Keaton is Film 101. We were watching Sherlock Jr. when the projector broke and we lost sound. The professor actually stopped the film. What? But it’s a silent!!! It wasn’t until I got the Art of Buster Keaton laserdisc sets that I saw the end.

Cary Grant – the king of sly cool. To me, a much cooler guy than Clark Gable. Gable is a little more rough around the edges, and I always liked the charming nature of Cary Grant. See Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, Notorious, North by Northwest and Charade to start.

Gene Kelly – let’s put this in terms everyone can understand. If I could move like Gene Kelly, I’d get laid a lot. At least that’s what I think. How anyone could not watch On the Town, Singing in the Rain or An American in Paris and not want to go dance through the streets . . . I don’t get it.

Humphrey Bogart – a man’s man who gets the women, and you’re not pissed. You’re like “hey Bogie! Nice score!” That pretty much says it all. Ingrid Bergam in Casablanca? (look for her in the top black and white movie babes list, coming soon to a livejournal near you)

John Cusack – the youngest on the list. He’s the guy with which we grew older. The actor that best represents generation X on film. Look here soon for the top 10 John Cusack movies!!

I’m going to sign off quick so that the music that I write down on the bottom is still playing! It took me the whole album to write this entry! Wow!

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