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Not enough interesting stuff happened

February 20, 2003 Leave a comment

Some nights it is just a chore to do this. Nothing of any interest happened today. It was one of the lamest days in recent memory. I slept very little and had weird dreams about Zelda-like puzzles with bomb rocks and trees hiding holes in the ground with flowers shooting rocks at me. Then I had one of those days at work when it seems like you don’t get anything accomplished, even though you don’t think you were slacking, but maybe you were.

What did I accomplish? I got reservations for a hotel for my brother’s wedding. And a Foo Fighters ticket. And . . . well . . . some work.

I signed up to usher yet another concert. This one is Audioslave, the band made up of members of Rage Against the Machine with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden on vocals. It might be good, it might suck, but either way I go for free. I should remember to bring earplugs for this one, however.

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