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What’s going on here?

Every once in a while, I suppose a journal update would be in order. Daily would be nice, but I am a creature of inertia.

In order to battle that, I have decided beyond a reasonable doubt to give this whole college thing another try. I may even give it the old college try. I got a peptalk from a counselor at Berkeley who also had a 1.7 GPA when he went to college as a youngin. Then he did Community College in California, brought up his GPA and got his degree from Cal. So if he can do it, why not me?

Of course I have to come to grips with the fact that this is going to take 3-4 years to do. Yes, surely I want it done overnight, and buying a diploma through internet junk mail is wholly appealing at the current time. But that’s not the point.

So I am going to take advantage of the great value that the UC system holds for me as a California resident, and get to work. I could do the community college thing in one year, if I didn’t have to do things like pay rent and utilities and food costs, but since I do, it looks like a two year project.

Financing the actual 4 year college part is going to be an entirely different headache, but I fully intend to do the final years as a full time, Financial Aid ridden student.

As for the job search, I have still come up empty. If only my resume had a college degree on it . . . (see above paragraphs)

Maybe I’ll get back in this habit, maybe i won’t. Until then . . .

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