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Should I still prefer the bus?

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Today I had quite the adventure getting to this temp job interview. I had the address and I plugged it into to get the directions. I got the proper bus line to take and a walking map. I transferred the directions into my Palm Pilot, memorized the little walking map and off I went.

I got to Civic Center BART and put my four quarters in the one of three bus ticket machines that did not have an Out of Service sign on it. And this one was also out of service. I asked the BART representative what I should do and she gave me a free pass. That was nice of her. So I saved a $1 on the Muni!

Next I got on the 19 bus which travels over Portrero Hill and into the Bayview District. But as the bus was coming down the hill (on Connecticut towards Cesar Chavez), a truck tried to take a right turn . . . and got stuck. So the bus was stuck for a minute, then three, then ten . . . you get the idea. Two more buses got stuck behind it. Finally everyone just got out to walk. I said to the driver “why don’t the passengers just swap buses and you both just turn around?” He thought it was a great idea, but had to get the OK from central, which he said might take 20-30 minutes. I began walking.

I walked along what I thought was the bus route so I could find the spot where my walking map begins. But I don’t know where the heck I was, so when I got to Evans and 3rd, I found a pay phone. I called information for CPM Staffing and they had no listing. Oh oh. What kind of a place is this??? I had failed to put their phone number in my Palm. Sure! I had the address and the guy’s name and my bus line choice, but not the phone number.

So I called a friend at my former workplace on the toll free number and asked her to find the listing on craigslist and give me the number. We worked at it for a few minutes and I got the number. I called the place and got the machine, but then (BEEP) someone cut in. It was Wes. I explained my predicament and he told me how to get there. (Thank you SO MUCH Mel!!)

I had already walked about 30 minutes and now I proceeded to walk another 20 to get to the place. And what was right at the corner? A bus stop for a DIFFERENT line! Eeeek! Transitinfo had never steered me wrong before! Now I have to question it whenever I need to go somewhere new.

The interview was a group thing. Easy. I told them how fast I type and they were impressed. I will probably get a data entry position, which pays a buck more per hour than the other positions. I explained that I was willing to work as many hours as they are willing to give me!

After that, I met a friend for lunch, ate at this cultish vegeterian place at Market and 9th. I can’t remember the name, but the entire thing is dedicated to this Indian guru guy who has supposedly painted 150,000 paintings, written 1400 books, drawn 15 million bird drawings and can lift 7500 pounds. And runs marathons. And split the atom. And apparently figured out how to make buffalo wings out of tofu, as this restaurant had that on the menu. But as they cost more than real chicken and I am pretty broke, I decided to pass and get the nice reasonably priced pesto pizza and salad. Ahhh…pesto. This place had a pesto omelet on the menu, but does not serve breakfast any time. So now I have to go back for breakfast some day.

My new concept is for a beef restaurant where everything tastes like vegetarian cuisine. Beef that tastes exactly like salad! Hey! That pork! It tastes just like a tomato! Chicken? Tastes just like eggplant! And have you tried that steak? It tastes just like a portabello mushroom!

After that, I applied for a job at Metreon at the new DVD Station. It felt like a waste of time, but I am assured that any job application is worthy of my time. It may be true, but it still FELT like a waste of time. As if my application was going in the trash bin the moment I left. I’ll bug them next week when i am town for the temp thing.

Everyone should know that next Thursday, the Conan O’Brien show is being done in claymation. They animated an entire episode from last October, from bit players to the main man himself. The guests on this episode were Johnny Knoxville, Richard Lewis, David Bowie and Mr. T. This could be the greatest thing to happen to late night television since . . . since . . . Sajak!!!

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Tomorrow morning I have to go to the city to sign up for a temp job being a convention wok at the Moscone Center. This involves data entry, registration, standing around some, suggesting restaurants, etc. I have no idea what it pays, but it is apparently long hours over the next couple of weeks. This may save me until I can get something real.

My hit rate on my job applications is still zero. This particular job listing had a phone number I could call, so I called. And here I am.

There was a job listing for a new store at The Metreon, so I will drop by tomorrow after the appointment with the Moscone Center people and apply to be a lead at DVD Station. I seem wholly qualified for that. It probably pays like crap, but the hours likely fit in well with attending school.

I continue to sit at home while everyone else I know has interesting things happen in their lives. Meanwhile the NHL and NBA playoffs roll on, Pardon the Interruption comes on every day at 2:30, and reloading the job listings every 10 minutes and applying for jobs the instant they appear online is not necessarily a sure thing approach to finding work.

I have unseen movies and unread books, but I am obsessing over this job listing thing. Maybe I need to organize my approach so that my day is not spent clicking between craigslist, monster, flipdog and the rest.

I am the mighty wingman.

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