Tomorrow morning I have to go to the city to sign up for a temp job being a convention wok at the Moscone Center. This involves data entry, registration, standing around some, suggesting restaurants, etc. I have no idea what it pays, but it is apparently long hours over the next couple of weeks. This may save me until I can get something real.

My hit rate on my job applications is still zero. This particular job listing had a phone number I could call, so I called. And here I am.

There was a job listing for a new store at The Metreon, so I will drop by tomorrow after the appointment with the Moscone Center people and apply to be a lead at DVD Station. I seem wholly qualified for that. It probably pays like crap, but the hours likely fit in well with attending school.

I continue to sit at home while everyone else I know has interesting things happen in their lives. Meanwhile the NHL and NBA playoffs roll on, Pardon the Interruption comes on every day at 2:30, and reloading the job listings every 10 minutes and applying for jobs the instant they appear online is not necessarily a sure thing approach to finding work.

I have unseen movies and unread books, but I am obsessing over this job listing thing. Maybe I need to organize my approach so that my day is not spent clicking between craigslist, monster, flipdog and the rest.

I am the mighty wingman.

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