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Deep Thoughts

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While searching BMG Music to select the free items I have in my account so that I can cancel.

Gorbitron (11:53:32 PM): I just need to find 8 things to take for free!
Gorbitron (11:53:42 PM): I am trying to be so perfect with these choices that nothing is getting done.
Gorbitron (11:54:02 PM): Oooh that could be a metaphor for my life.

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Sunday is my Funday

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I did get stuff done today. I went to the A’s game. It was mostly sold out, but i got a ticket off of some family that had an extra in a good section. I was able to get the half price discount that wasn’t being offered by the team today. They don’t have it for Yankees, Giants or fireworks nights.

It was very sunny today – the UV rating was 9, which is high and there is major danger for sunburns. I spotted a Bullfrog Sunblock tent outside the stadium, ao I stopped by to find that they were giving away free samples! Thank goodness! I sunblocked up and watched the game, which was a quickly paced, well played game. The A’s won 5-2 and are now 4-2 against the Yankees this year. I love New York, but the Yankees suck!

I had a thought while putting on the sunblock. Has anyone who has contracted skin cancer ever sued baseball teams or amusement parks or other places where you have to pay to be outdoors for not properly warning of the danger of extended exposure to the sun? Or for not providing sunblock for all of their patrons? Is this a feasible liability suit? If the smokers can sue the tobacco companies, surely this follows logically.

After the game, I came home to find sweetmegumi here. We waited for Jae Kinetic to finish working on his dreads. He said “half an hour” and an hour and a half later we went for boba. Yummy yummy boba. And chicken.

Tomorrow I have to head over to Chabot, march into the counseling office and say “why the hell haven’t you returned any of my calls?” I could also call a different community college’s counseling office and see if they can help me. The advice from the Berkeley counselor was to find a person who was gung ho about your future. If I can’t do that at Chabot, I should keep looking.

And of course I have to continue to look for work. Monday is the busiest day for job listings. I’ll be emailing cover letters and resumes like a wild man!

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Gordon speaks about himself in the third person

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Gordon listens to his readers and likes to give them what they want.

Gordon didn’t get much sleep last night. And when Gordon doesn’t sleep well, Gordon is cranky all day. Gordon thinks Gordon wants to go to the baseball game today, but Gordon sometimes has a hard time motivating Gordon to do things.

Gordon’s gonna play the Foo Fighters to get himself moving. Unfortunately, his computer stinks, so he’ll have to reboot to do it.

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