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Shouldn’t his band suck?

A while back (a year or more ago), I read a brief review of a CD that was supposed to sound like Tool or Rush, but the lead singer was somebody famous. I never remembered who the famous person was, but I remembered the name of the band. Flash forward a few months and for some reason, the comic book store at which I worked had three copies of the promo of this album. As I remembered that they were supposed to be good and in a vein of music I like, I took it home. And sure enough, I liked it a lot. Not quite as good as Tool or Rush, but a darned good free CD.

So then I started racking my brain – who was the famous person in the band? So I looked on their website to find no mention of the bandmembers’ names. When the CD came out in the store, there was no sticker mentioning who was in the band. It was being kept a mystery. It must be a lousy celebrity.

So who is the mystery man behind 30 Seconds to Mars? Jared Leto. Jordan Catalano!! And I have to admit, if I found out that Angela Chase’s crush put out on album, I would have been annoyed by it. Where is Brian Krakow’s album? Hmmmm? Where is it, I ask?

Later press and articles about the band do mention him by name, but he is not front and center in the band’s photographs. They want to be taken seriously as a band, and not just a vanity project for Jared Leto. Because, you know, he is such a big star these days! He brings in the big boffo box office, doesn’t he? Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Jared Leto. He’s in there!

I vote that they should have used his name in the publicity. Throw it out there. Let people buy it because they like Jared Leto. No one takes popular music seriously anymore, anyway. (At least not the general CD buying public) So use whatever you can to help sell a CD. Someone who buys it for the celebritiness of it might find they really like smart spacey proggy rock and become Ayreon fans. And the world needs more Ayreon fans!!!

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