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On Modern Introductions

May 14, 2003 Leave a comment

If ever you are feeling blue
I will tell you what to do
Look over match and then yahoo

Or post yourself on hot or not
And find out quickly what you’ve got
Show some skin, you’ll score a lot

Looks are important, I’d agree
But there is always more to see
Then one fuzzy dot J P G

I’m not sure if it is funny, but it always makes me laugh
People who spend their money to plan their future by a photograph

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I’l be reminding you about this for a couple of days

May 14, 2003 Leave a comment

Thursday night/Friday morning, the Late Night With Conan O’Brien show will be done entirely in clay animation.

This is more than mildly important. This may be the coolest late night stunt ever! They have taken an episode from October and completely redone it with claymation.’

The guests: Johnny Knoxville, Richard Lewis, David Bowie and Mr. T!!

If I forget this, I’ll be pissed for months. Months I tell you! Help me remember and I will do likewise!!

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Is anything Everclear?

May 14, 2003 Leave a comment

Tonight I ushered Everclear at the Fillmore. It had originally been schedule for the Warfield. The Warfield holds 2400, the Fillmore about 1000. Only 600 tickets were sold as of 7PM this evening. This easily explains why the show was moved two weeks ago.

Opening bands were some band I really liked but whose name escapes me and The Exies, who I also liked. Neither were good enough to make me rush out and see them in concert, unless of course I can usher it and go for free!

Everclear was ok for most of the show. Art Alexakis is not a very good live vocalist. He has fairly bad pitch control. However, as the show went on, and they started playing more of their “hits,” the crowd became more engaged, and the energy level increased noticably.

It reached its peak when, right before the last song in the regular set, Art asked if anyone in the audience could play some Everclear on the guitar. A large group of people up front all pointed to one guy, so Art called him up to take his guitar and play Santa Monica. The kid was great. He played it perfectly and jumped around the stage like a seasoned veteran.

Then the encore got dumb as Art went into the crowd and picked out out 4 girls to come dance on stage, and they played some surf number. Then he went into the crowd again to get about 30 people, 25 of them girls, to dance on stage. Yay. And did they play my favorite Everlcear song to close the show? (AM Radio) No, they gave the mike to the bass player and they did a ripping cover of Surrender. And I am sure the teenagers on stage were wondering what Everlcear album the song was from.

So Everclear didn’t play my favorite Everclear song, but they did play my favorite Cheap Trick song. (Oh no they didn’t. My favorite Cheap Trick song is She’s Tight. So much for small favors). The show was good, but not great, and if this is typical of their stage performance, I can see why they don’t have the reputation necessary to sell the Warfield.

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