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SPOOON!!!! Can’t . . . . do . . . . plaid.

So tomorrow morning I have to rush out and buy a white shirt. Why, you ask? Why I’ll tell you. Because the temp job I didn’t get, I got. Let me explain. When I got home from the Matrix Reloaded, there was a message on the machine. Randy of CMP Staffing had called at 10PM to tell me that if I want the job, it is mine, provided I get there at noon with a white shirt, tie and my black or blue slacks. Oh yes, with comfortable closed toe shoes. If he hadn’t told me closed toe, I surely would have worn my birks! Except for the fact that I don’t have birks.

So then I saw the Matrix Reloaded. Oh wait, no. I saw it before I got the phone call. It was pretty silly, really. I disliked most of the story and dialogue scenes, but thought that the action sequences were incredible. The choreography and design was absolutely tremendous. Unfortunately, the total package is mediocre. But I want to see the original concept sketches for the action scenes. Tremendous stuff I tell you.

So it is late and now I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow even before I get to this job. Thank goodness it starts at noon.

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