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Two Days, No Condors in Sight

Or is that three days of the condor? Darn, I don’t remember my Robert Redford movies well enough. And right now, I don’t quite feel like looking it up. It would be SO difficult, what with my having to click my mouse on “open new window.” Let’s pretend it’s 1989 and there is no internet yet. Don’t pretend too hard, like Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time, because then the journal would cease to exist, too.

Yesterday I had to buy a white shirt and get to the Moscone Center by noon. This was complicated by one serious issue. I don’t know what size shirt I wear! I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress shirt. And clothes stretch or shrink (as do I), so I can’t base it on what I already own.

So I buy a white shirt, but it’s buy one, get one half price. And since I was likely going to be working 6 days in a row, I figure I should get the two shirts – save me a little bit of laundry! I also needed undershirts, because you can’t wear white shirts without an undershirt. But since I never wear white shirts, I didn’t own undershirts.

So I’m spending $70 to get to this job, and I do the calculations that I won’t clear a profit until the second day. Good thing the job last six days.


You are incorrect, sir. Evidence is piling up that suggests that things just aren’t going to go your way any time soon. The job only last two days.

And what’s this? It starts too early to take the BART? That’s OK. Since it is Bay to Breakers weekend, you can expect to sit in traffic and then pay $15-$20 to park.

Did we mention that the job is mind numbingly easy and that my brain will resemble mashed potatoes by noon?

Well . . .at least I get out of the house.

Today I got some annoyingly frustrating news. Those who follow my journal and my life know that I usher concerts and get to see shows for free. But what is the use of that if the shows I want to see most all happen in the same week, and it is a week that I am out of town? Hmmm?

In one week, I will miss the following shows:

Dream Theater/Queensryche/Fates Warning
Porcupine Tree/Opeth
Tori Amos/Ben Folds

Ugh. The convention had better not suck. I am expecting some first place finishes this year as I will be motivated to make sure that the trip was not wasted on the great time I always have.

Tonight, I am in a very irritable mood. I feel a little tired, although I have slept well. It is the knowledge that I have to get up at 5 in the morning that is bring me down, I think.

But now I am going to see Down With Love, which looks to be a tremendously fun film. It is directed by Peyton Reed, who did Bring It On. I constantly argue that Bring It On is a tremendously well made film, and that this director has a tremendous feel for pacing and energy.

*SIGH* Now I am not goint to see Down With Love, because someone who was supposed to be here by now has not left the house. We won’t make the show now, and I can’t go to a later show because I have to be up at 5. See how everything is lining up to make me miserable?

OK, I’m finished whining now.

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