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Started Badly, Ended Gladly

The alarm went off at 5:06AM. I then convinced myself I didn’t need to go to this job. Fuck getting up this early and driving to Coliseum Bart for the 6:01 train. Who cares about the damned white shirts and the paycheck? So I went back to sleep. Except I had this guilt thing which kept me awake. How dare you not go to work, you lazy ass moron?

So I got out of bed at 5:13AM. Shower, hygeinate, get dressed, get in the car at 5:34. I make it to Coliseum Bart at 5:58AM. I run upstairs . . . and the sign says “SF/Colma Train in 22 minutes. 22 minutes? What the hell is that all about? So I run downstairs and ask the agent . . .

“Well sometimes the train is late.”

But this is the first train at the first stop. There are no prior stops. How could the train be 18 minutes late? Why bother having the train at all? Now I’m going to get there as late as I would have had I just gotten the train from South Hayward!! Why is everything against me? Still!

The train shows up. And there are PEOPLE on it. People! Where did they come from? Since when did BART become the Oscars and begin to use seat-fillers? Did these people sleep overnight on the train?

So when I get to work, I report to Advance Registration only to find that all the chairs are filled. So now I am a standby. What does a standby do? He sits and waits for work. Eventually, the work came. I was assigned to be a line monitor at on-site registration. I have to make sure people are in the right line. I did this for 11 hours.

As the day went by, I also became the de facto information desk because no one else seemed to have or want to know any information. No one even knew where the information desk was. But I have this thirst for knowledge no matter how useless, and registration details at the 2003 APA Meeting are pretty useless after this weekend, but now I know them. A 4 hour class is $130, 6 hour class is $185 and full day 8 hour classes are $260. All this on almost no sleep!

But seriously, no two people know the same thing. Everyone only knows one piece, like Monty Python’s funniest joke in the world sketch.

When I went to leave, I was asked “Do you want to keep working?”

Hell yes!! So then I went over to the Marriott to be a room monitor for Industry Sponsored Symposia. I was originally assigned to something about Schizophrenia, but someone in the other room wanted to switch, because she thought the topic in my room was more interesting. So we switched.

My new topic?

“Optimzing Efficacy and Tolerability of Antidepressant Therapy: Does Selectivity of Action Matter?”

No. I don’t know what it means, either. And I was there for the symposium.

I wasn’t paying too much attention. I was chatting with my new friend. She though I was so cool, she asked me for my phone number! Wow! This is a first! This has never happened to me before! Look how cool I am!

She has a boyfriend, of course. I’m still me, and the world is still somewhat against me, right?

But I forget how people seem to like me when I am around people. So I feel good about myself today. Let’s see how long it lasts after another night of less than six hours of sleep.

“Geez Gordon, you ain’t so cool today, you lame ass sleepy head tired guy.”

So I should sleep. Night, all.

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending . . . “

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