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Avon Walk Excuses

Thanks for all the feedback on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. I did some more research into it and found out that not only is it a 26 mile walk (gulp), but I need to raise a minimum of $1750 to participate. Also, on their entire website, there is not a single photograph that includes a man making this walk. In a way, I find this intimidating and less than welcoming. I am positive men must do this – why not make it clear to those men that may be considering it? I would think that to walk 26 miles would actually require some amount of training, would it not? It is spread out over two days (with a 39 mile option included). What can be down about the chafing?

It does seem, however, that it is extremely late in the cycle to be joining. From reading the meesage boards it would seem that people have been registered for this since last year, and have been training for months. I will need to consult my personal physical fitness expert about this when he comes to visit this weekend.

Chances are, however, that this will be a goal for 2004.

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