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Stupid Muddy River

I’m listening to Jeff Buckley and wondering why he felt the need to go swimming in a muddy river in Memphis. He could still be around blowing people’s minds.

One night in some year long ago, I am going to guess 1992, but it could have been 1993, my friend Ben and I went to The Middle East in Boston to see 5 bands for 5 bucks. The headliner was Talking to Animals, who Ben liked. It was why he suggested we go. The third of five acts on the bill that night was Jeff Buckley. I had never heard of him, but there was quite a bit of promotional material hanging for his EP Live at Sin-E. Perhaps he was some big deal? Big deal.

I don’t remember much else about that night – I have no idea if I liked any of the other bands. I think Talking to Animals were OK. But Jeff Buckley . . . damn. He was scheduled for about 25 minutes and probably played for an hour. And everyone was completely transfixed. The place was packed, and I figured out later when everyone left that it was packed on his behalf.

And then after one brilliant album and a tour I never saw, he tried to go swimming in Memphis and drowned. At least he didn’t kill himself with drugs or a shotgun.

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