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Which Dumb Internet Quiz Are You?

May 23, 2003 Leave a comment

OK people. That’s enough of the “What . . . . are you?” quizzes. They take up all this space in your journal, but not a single one of them is clever. I read your individual journals to read what YOU have to say. I don’t want to know what skin disease you are or what sedimentary rock you most resemble.

Tonight I actually watched the NBA Draft Lottery. Why do I waste my time with stuff like this? They put 13 guys in a room and announce what order the teams are selecting in the draft. Is this supposed to be good television? ABC put this on in primetime! And I watched it! Oh my god how stupid have I become? (Dont answer that, please)

Then I went and met my uncle and aunt at The Four Seasons in SF for dinner. I had tuna tartare (too much cilantro), veal ribeye (could have used some more veal in my ribeye) and some italian cheesecake with ice wine (mmmm ice wine) and about 14 slices of sourdough bread with butter. I also had a few glasses of Gewurtztraminer. If I spelled that right, I want a prize and I want it right now! Dinner was good, although we have been to better places in town. The hotel itself is decorately beautifully. Someone has a great eye for sculpture, glass and interesting modern painting. It was a pleasure to wait in the lobby.

My uncle had a surprise for me. He has a possible job opportunity for me with a very fast growing winery, Bronco. They won winery of the year last year for the success of “Two Buck Chuck,” which is a wine they sell exclusively through Trader Joe’s. The continuing expansion of Trader Joe’s means their continued expansion, and therefore they are hiring. The catch? The job is in Modesto.

I don’t have much of (ok I have none of) an interest in moving to Modesto, but a job is a job, and I would still only be an hour or so away from here. Additionally, there are still schools I could attend in the area, so I could complete my college plans at that location. I would have a small amount of social activities in the nearby area, so I would be forced to focus on my work and studies. Plus, the cost of living is signifcantly lower. But I don’t want to kill the old chicken before the new one hatches, so I will call about the job and see what happens from there. It may lead to nothing.

I came home and gave more poker lessons to Jughead. Hopefully, he is picking up the nuances of the game. He is excellent with math and I think he grasps those concepts well. He also is buying into the importance of your starting cards. Most people don’t and never catch up. He’ll be a solid player soon, but if he gets better than me, I don’t want to play at the same table.

Jughead paid for the webcast of tomorrow’s (today’s if you are reading this on Friday) final table of the World Series of Poker No Limit Hold Em Championship. This is a five day event, with the final table starting at around noon (or as late as two) and going for 7-10 hours. The pay-per-view on the web is $30 and comes with so much free stuff that it is worth it to Jughead to buy it, even if he can’t watch it. So I’ll spend most of tomorrow watching it, and he will come by in the evening to catch the ending. And then get all the free junk later!

Unfortunately, my personal trainer cannot come visit this weekend. He has his own company and he won a contract for a job this weekend and has to complete it. It’s worth multiple thousands of dollars to his company, so he could not pass it up. Still, I was looking forward to the visit.

This is the first of what will be many reminders for an upcoming event at the Red Vic in the Haight. On July 10, my friend Jess will be performing. Be there!! Here is the official listing from the calendar on the website:

Thur. 9:30: Barbie Explosion (the name says it all) and EPIC, a collage of
found footage and experimental sound.

Look here tomorrow for my insightful poker commentary . . .

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