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When is a remake not really a remake?

May 25, 2003 Leave a comment

We saw The Italian Job tonight. It was a sneak preview double feature with X-2. I was half expecting garbage, but what came out was extremely entertaining. Edward Norton and Mark Wahlberg were the two leads, and they were OK. But the supporting characters were all great characters and were given cool things to say and do. So Charlize Theron, Mos Def, Jason Statham and Seth Green owned the movie.

This movie was less remake than homage. It included red, white and blue mini-coopers, some of the same character names and stealing gold. Other than that, it was a completely different plot with different relationships between the characters, different locations and a much different ending. (Those who recall the ending of the British Italian Job would expect it to be different – Hollywood would never copy this ending) Everything about the movie was obvious, but it was still wholly entertaining. Cookie cutter entertainment is welcome when done well.

That leaves the current summer movie ranking as follows:

Down With Love
The Italian Job
The Matrix Reloaded
Bruce Almighty

Please keep in mind that none of these have garnered a negative reaction from me. All were good in their own way, with X-2 just being an exceptional comic book movie and Down With Love just a joyous romp. Those two are in one class, Italian Job in the middle, with Matrix and Bruce sharing the bottomness of the list.

I don’t like to do links in my journal very often, but Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote an amazing piece about The Matrix and how it is contributing to missing out on the real world around us. It goes into media consolidation as well, which is one of my pet peeves of modern business.

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