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The week of earplugs and fun

May 27, 2003 Leave a comment

Tonight was the first of a planned six consecutive nights of concerts with a total ticket price of $14. I am working most of these, which comes with my usual free admission and free drinks. The schedule is as follows:

Tonight – Alien Crime Syndicate and Visqueen (more on this below)
Tomorrow – Jason Mraz & Chantal Krevuizankelanek (guessing poorly on spelling)
Wednesday – Flaming Lips, Starlight Mints and Liz Phair
Thursday – Blue Man Group
Friday – Nate Denver’s Neck
Saturday – Trey Anastasio

Visqeen rocked. Alien Crime Syndicate’s lead singer had no voice. Their set was 30 minutes. Did I mention that Visqueen rocked? Have you seen what time it is that I am posting this? Now can you see why it is such utter crap?

I had all you can eat sushi today, but Drave117 (I don’t remember the code to link directly to his journal – try my friends listing) wrote about it so well, I do not feel the need to repeat his description. Besides, it might get you to try out a new journal. Just come back to me when you’re done. I like my readers!!!

OK I must get to bed now. I have things I need to do tomorrow before going into the city for the Jason Mraz & Chantal Kreeenchuvuviakavuv show.

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