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Beware of Long Entries

I have had a few comments recently about the length of my entries. I have been told that they are too long, so they are skipped. Or too long, so they are skimmed. People read it just to find out what is going on with my life.

So I shall now write my Live Journal Mission Statement

My journal was not intended to be a quick catch up into my life, but rather a depository for my writing. Some of that writing happens to be about day to day stuff, but there is no magnifying glass into my inner brain. My most personal inner turmoil, self doubt stuff never makes onto here. It gets scribbled in an actual paper journal or discussed in a late night phone call or dropped into a chat window or bantered about among friends in my living room. I find it hard to just sort of throw myself against the wall and let people read the splatter.

So if you dislike long entries about concerts or my favorite bands or the coming entries about movies and books and all the other crap that permeates my life, feel free to skip it by. And if you want to know what is going on in my life, send me an email or an IM, make a phone call, drop by for a visit . . . any of those will do.

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