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Astute readers may recognize the name of this quiz . . .

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You don't get it, do you?
What Annoying Internet Quiz Are You?

What annoying internet quiz are you?
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Barcodes and Trey

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These Live Journal barcodes are sweeping across my friends page today. I have seen 8 of them. What is the purpose of these exactly? Does someone out there have a scanner? And if they did, what exactly would the scanner do? Ring you up? And if you think I am talking about you specifically, I am not, so please do not write me and tell me that you are offended by my criticism of barcodes. No, not you. You.

Tonight I ushered Trey Anastasio at the Warfield. The music itself was alright, mostly jammed fukny stuff. I can’t understand why anybody would rather hear this than Phish. The best part of the concert was when Trey sat down and played a few songs on acoustic guitar, and then the band returned and busted out Dazed and Confused. I missed Dazed and Confused, hearing it only on a fellow usher’s cell phone as we raced to the BART. Were the show better, the urge to catch the second-to-last train would have not have been as great.

It was quite a scene, though. WAY too much pot smoking, but at least everyone was up and dancing throughout most of the show. It’s a refreshing change from the normally staid audiences that usually sit in the balcony. As an usher tonight, in what became basically a general admission show, all I had to do was dance. So I danced.

And now I am super tired, so those of you that like short entries have gotten one!

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