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Feeling a wee bit smoky

June 1, 2003 Leave a comment

I came home from Doc’s barbecue today feeling like I had been smoked. So I took a shower, and I STILL smell somewhat smoky. The cannibals would be loving the smell of me! It feels pretty gross. I have washed my hands over and over and over again and I cannot get the smoky smell out! I am the Lady MacBeth of smoke!!!

So the barbecue was fun – not much meeting new people this year, as this is now an annual tradition for me, and I know most everyone who comes. For details on the food, see drave117 as he is surely to write a big piece on each individual meat product. He took pictures!

I am going to try washing my hands again. Not that I am obsessed or anything, but I just want the smoky smell to go away!

Ok i used green apple scented Dawn instead of regular hand soap, and now my hands smell like smoked apples. MMMMMMMM…smoked apples.

I end the day with a little prayer.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
After a meal of cow and sheep.
And if I die before I wake
You can surely blame the steak.

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Lovin’ it, but not.

June 1, 2003 Leave a comment

Tonight was the last of my run of concerts. Tomorrow, everything goes on hold for Doc’s BBQ, THE meat-eating event of the year. Vegeterians run in terror as Doc serves up multiple courses of beef, chicken and pork in many different forms with a wide variety of sauces and marinades. Last year, I designed a t-shirt which was illustrated by Rob Van Brunt of The Robman Show.

Doc’s BBQ Collectible Merchandise

The Robman Show!

So the concert tonight was Love (with Arthur Lee). People had said it was going to be all original members, but this was woefully inaccurate. Arthur Lee himself was the only one there. The rest of the band was a bunch of 20something musicians, all really excellent. I wonder if any of them had heard of Love before they showed up for the audition.

This was a special concert as they were playing the entirety of the Forever Changes albu, which is their most signficant, and apparently best album. To make it perfect, they had a horn section and a string section. All these players were also 20somethings. They were smiling and playing and having a grand ole time.

The music was quite good and the crowd was silent during the songs and applauded loudly between songs. It was a good, respectable crowd. They were, unfortunately, smoking a lot of pot like last night. And since I woke up feeling really sick, possibly from all the inhalation of the prior evening, I decided to bounce early.

So I took the bus to Post and then walked down towards the Black and White Ball to see if there was anything to see. There were only police barricades to see, so I went home. I managed to get a BART car all to myself, so I sang and danced the whole way home. It was a joyous experience, let me tell you. There just aren’t enough places you can sing and dance by yourself in pubic.

The evening was capped off by Space Beans AND Apples to Apples, and there was much laughing. But damn if it ain’t 3:30 and I have to get up in the morning to stuff myself . I should jog there.

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