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Cattle in the marketplace, scatterlings and orphanages

What is a scatterlng?

Today’s word of the day!!!

It is NOT in the online Merriam Webster dictionary. Perhaps I should shuffle off to the gigantic dictionary in the kitchen. I have not pulled a Diane Court and marked off every single word I have referenced, but I can’t even count the number of times I have trod barefoot across my house to look up something in the middle of the night. And tonight, it’s scatterling.

Got to the kitchen and decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It will be nice to use some bread before jkinetic can eat it all. When this guy makes sandwiches, he makes 6.

Scatterling is an archaic word meaning vagrant or wastrel. It comes back into speech as a line of the song You Can Call Me Al, which lends some of its lyrics to this journal as its main title.

Tonight, I titled this piece with even more lyrics. I wanted the cattle to refer to the fact that there is a gigantic tin tray of meat in our refrigerator, a care package from Doc’s barbecue.

I am listening to a Porcupine Tree single for shesmovedon that was stuck in the case to They Might Be Giants Flood. Luckily, Flood was in the case as well. Since I do not have the case for the PTree handy, I do not know what song is playing right now. Let’s look at Porcupine Tree’s website and find out! Heh, the song is called Untitled. How perfect! No wonder I didn’t know its name. It is almost over, so the music in the music box in the journal tonight will certainly be Flood. Unless I have a lot of conciousness!

I think he should decide if he is your only friend or if he is not your only friend. How could it be so hard to know?

Tonight we watched the rest of Coupling Season Two. I can’t discuss what happened because sweetmegumi would KILL me. She would take out a giant sword and/or knife and rip me to shreds. But I am pleased that the quality of the show has continued. I mean, why shouldn’t it? The great thing about British television and Japanese animation is that these series tend to have endings. They run for a brief time and then they end! They don’t drag on and on and on and on until they suck. So when the American remake of Coupling premierers, they will have more episodes in one season than the British series had during its entire run. Of course it will suck.

I applied for seven more jobs today, and I wonder if I should be removing experience from my resume to make myself look less qualified. Either that or my resume is complete and total garbage and I should start from scratch. Does anyone want to take a crack at writing my resume? If your resume gets me a job, I will buy you a gigantic sushi dinner (well, an all you can eat dinner, but at somewhere good, like Moonstar). And if your resume gets me a high paying job, I will even include round-trip transportation!


1. Does anybody hire fat waiters?
2. Are there people out there who use Viagara to masturbate?
3. Shea Hillenbrand for Byung-Hyun Kim?
4. Who is this triangle man? Is this a sexual reference?
5. What will the sequel to 2 Fast 2 Furious be called?
6. Why is my CD burner so ornery?
7. If a woman gives you a phone number without you having asked and goes out of her way to ask you to call her, and then clicks her phone over to voice mail both times you try to call, and then you leave a message, and never hear from her again, does that mean you ARE me? Or does this happen to other people, too?
8. Should I go for a walk now or should I go to sleep?
9. Is anybody still reading?
10. What am I supposed to do with this rock now that I have wound a piece of string around it?

Answer those and you are wiser than me.

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