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Summer Movie Ranking (updated)

June 6, 2003 Leave a comment

I forgot to slot Finding Nemo into my movie rankings! So here goes:

Down With Love
The Italian Job
The Matrix Reloaded
Finding Nemo
Bruce Almighty

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When you wish upon a book . . .

June 6, 2003 Leave a comment

So, like everyone else, I have made an amazon wishlist. I thought I was making a long one (there are 14 or 15 items on mine), but then I talked to people who have 75-100 items on theirs. Now I am as materialistic as the next person, but 100 items? I am going to keep mine around a dozen or so, removing things as they become less of a priority. The top of my wishlist right now is The World of the Dark Crystal book. It had been going for $300 or so on eBay and is now in print again. This new anniversary collector’s edition comes with a pamphlet identical to that used by Froud and Henson when they were seeking funding for the project. And of course, next time Mr. Froud comes to town, I can have him sign it and make a little sketch! Wheee! Little Brian Froud sketches in my books make me happy. I should have him sketch in other people’s books, too!

My birthday is July 23, in case you were wondering!

The internetization of my life becomes a little more complete. The wired wants me.

NOTE: This journal is owned by Clear Channel Communications, as is just about any other media outlet in your town. And they are buying more every day. Soon, their agenda will be your agenda. Fight media conglomeration!

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