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Feeling lax about LAX

I guess this is where I am. I didn't manage to snap my own photo.

I’m here in LAX. The good news is that my gate is only two gates away from the gate I landed on. The bad news is that they charge $7.99 for Wifi, so I paid it. Also, I have nearly three hours to just sit here waiting for my plane. That’s pretty boring. I’m going to watch something on Netflix to pass the time.

But what’s really important to everyone is my itinerary. So here it is:

  • United Kingdom: June 17-30
  • France: June 30-July 4
  • Belgium: July 4 – 12
  • Netherlands: July 12-21
  • Sweden: July 21-29
  • Finland: July 30-August 1
  • Estonia: August 1-4
  • Russia: August 5-7
  • Sweden: August 9-10
  • Germany: August 10-22
  • Czech Republic: August 22-29
  • Hungary: August 29-September 3
  • Slovenia: September 3-5
  • Italy: September 5-15
  • Switzerland: September 15-18
  • Spain: September 18-26
  • Germany: September 26-October 4
  • Home: October 4

That’s it!

You can look for me on Skype as DorgonSF. If I’m green, try me. If not, you can always leave me a voicemail.

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  1. June 17, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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