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There is no cycling underneath the Thames … unless there is.

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Underneath the Thames is a foot tunnel. You climb down 87 stairs to get into it from the north side (where my hostel is), and 100 stairs to get out of it into Greenwich on the south side (where I bought my mobile phone today). It’s dark and a bit spooky to walk through it. At any point you could get ambushed by a bunch of crazies, and have no way of escaping.

Also prominent are the many signs saying “no cycling” which are patently ignored by the cyclists who go screaming through the tunnel. You see, the tunnel starts with a gentle slope down into a perfect straightaway before gently sloping up at each end. These bikes are going fast. In this way, London is like Oakland: the bikers ignore the road signs! However, I’m not busy worrying about whether or not I’m going to hit them with my car when I see them here.

This post includes a bit where I talk about having a mobile phone. I do have one! Do you absolutely 100% NEED to reach me while I’m here? If so, send me an email explaining why in 200 words or less, and I’ll consider sending you the number. I’ll warn you, though, the number may change in a few weeks. Oh, the joys of European cell phones and their unlocked sim slots.


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