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Two new posts at Spinning Platters

June 4, 2009 Leave a comment

A review of Tuesday night’s Jens Lekman show at Bottom of the Hill:

A festival preview of the Wanderlust Festival with commentary on what I consider to be poor marketing:

The Gordon Aggregator

May 31, 2009 3 comments

A friend suggested I have one blog with all the posts from my other blogs, and I thought it seemed like a good enough idea.

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Mediocre Anime Tricks

June 7, 2003 Leave a comment

Tonight, we watched The Animatrix. It looked like an entertaining package, with 4 of the 9 shorts written by the Wachowski brothers, 5 of them animated by Studio 4 Degrees Celcius and other bits by Shnichiro Watanabe (of Cowboy Bebop and Excel Saga).

It turned out to be mildly sucky. The first piece, The Final Flight of the Osiris was animated well by Square, but it had some overly long and dark action sequences. A lot of money was spent on stuff I couldn’t see. What’s the point in that?

The Studio 4 Degrees Celcius stuff looked fantastic, but apart from A Detective Story, were a little bland in story. The two parter, The Second Renaissance, was particularly pretty and particularly boring.

The final piece, Matriculated, was extremely bad and caused much laughing. It was like we were supposed to have dropped acid during an earlier bit and now it was kicking in. It was The Matrix as a Hookah pipe. It was utter crap (except for the cute LemurBot).

It is no secret that I consider The Matrix Reloaded to be a mediocre film. And now, as we see all the work the Wachowskis did on the video game Enter the Matrix and these animated shorts, I can start to see the big picture. They spent so much time making sure these outside bits fit into the story that they let the main feature suffer. So they have built their marketing machine and it has taken over. And you think they would have seen that coming!

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Summer Movie Ranking (updated)

June 6, 2003 Leave a comment

I forgot to slot Finding Nemo into my movie rankings! So here goes:

Down With Love
The Italian Job
The Matrix Reloaded
Finding Nemo
Bruce Almighty

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When you wish upon a book . . .

June 6, 2003 Leave a comment

So, like everyone else, I have made an amazon wishlist. I thought I was making a long one (there are 14 or 15 items on mine), but then I talked to people who have 75-100 items on theirs. Now I am as materialistic as the next person, but 100 items? I am going to keep mine around a dozen or so, removing things as they become less of a priority. The top of my wishlist right now is The World of the Dark Crystal book. It had been going for $300 or so on eBay and is now in print again. This new anniversary collector’s edition comes with a pamphlet identical to that used by Froud and Henson when they were seeking funding for the project. And of course, next time Mr. Froud comes to town, I can have him sign it and make a little sketch! Wheee! Little Brian Froud sketches in my books make me happy. I should have him sketch in other people’s books, too!

My birthday is July 23, in case you were wondering!

The internetization of my life becomes a little more complete. The wired wants me.

NOTE: This journal is owned by Clear Channel Communications, as is just about any other media outlet in your town. And they are buying more every day. Soon, their agenda will be your agenda. Fight media conglomeration!

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Two Days

June 5, 2003 Leave a comment

Yesterday, I went to the zoo. I was perfectly happy just sitting at home being a vegetable and pretending that I might be getting sick, but sproutchk was not buying it and wanted to go to the zoo. So yesterday, I made a new friend! Yay! We went to the zoo and then ate at the Elephant Bar and then came back here to play Zoo themed video games! Not finding any of those, we settled for Amplitude. I don’t want to brag or nothing, but I rule at that game. It’s too bad I don’t like it all that much and that it hurts my hands after about 20 minutes.

Should i talk about the zoo? The zoo had animals in captivity. Very few of them did cute things, with the exception of the Spectacled Bears, who we watched eat apples, and the lion cubs, who are basically kittens. And of course, all kittens do cute things. It is in their nature! Otherwise, we looked at animals that have lost their lustre from being in so many zoos, like elephants, and animals that I had never seen before, like the giant turkey with a pope helmet. Were I a zoologist, I would tell you its name.

Today, I talked on the phone with the president of, my former employer. If you follow the journal of drave117, you know that he was planning to ask me to either lie or tell half-truths about some product that I checked in while working there. I had decided that I would not perjure myself on his behalf for any price. (I had this really bizarre dream the other night where I was a woman being offered lots of money to prostitute myself, and I had to decide whether or not to accept it. Geez, I wonder what THAT dream meant.) When he called today, he said he just wanted me to tell them exactly what happened, and that he had been misinterpreted.

This guy is The Real Slimy Shady, and I do not trust him. I told him that if I am subpoenaed, I would be glad to participate in a deposition. I do not know who is suing or for what. If he told me, I would not believe him. I will just answer the questions to the best of my ability. And if it causes the collapse of his company, it is his own damn fault for not knowing how to cover his ass.

This evening, Drave and I went to see Finding Nemo, which was cute. It was animated beautifully, full of color and great character design. The supporting characters were all entertaining – the most boring characters in the whole movie were Nemo and his dad. They were playing straight fish to all the wackiness around them. The story was paper thin and obvious, and a little tiresome. The same story keeps getting done over and over again – no surprises here.

After the movie, we walked around Union Landing looking for a suitable place to eat. We pretty much eliminated everything for some reason. The only place we couldn’t seem to eliminate was In and Out Burger. And as we are crossing the street to In and Out Burger, Drave laments that fast food is in a dark period right now, as none of the restaurants have interesting new sandwiches or anything good on the dollar menu. I try to give some counter-examples, but do not convince him otherwise. I finally say, just seconds from opening the front door of In and Out:

“As long as Del Taco exists, fast food will never enter a dark age.”

Next thing I know, I am in my car heading to Newark. That 99 cent half pound bean and cheese burrito with green sauce goes down nice and easy. And they still have the best fries in the business. One of these days, I may even try a burger there. But that seems a little weird. They aren’t called “Del Burger,” are they?

Tomorrow I work a short shift for the convention staffing firm for which I worked last month. We’re stuffing bags. I have 4 days of work for this convention, but three of the days are 2 hour shifts for which I will be paid for 4 hours. So I guess I am making double time! Whoohoo!

And then in the evening, I will be ushering a Musiq show at The Fillmore. I’m doing it mainly to keep my name in the loop and to sign up for The Rollins Band show.

NOTE: Clear Channel Communications now owns Gordon’s Live Journal. The views herein do not necessarily express those of Clear Channel Communications or its owners. Therefore, I implore you to fight media conglomeration. It may be too late to stop the FCC from promoting monopoly media ownership, but it is never too late to write to your congressman. Moveon.Org will give you a hand.

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The Free Non-Challenge and The Free Challenge

June 3, 2003 Leave a comment

Today I did a couple of “free” things. (I put the free in quotes as there are transportation costs).

First off, I met a friend at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The first Tuesday of each month is Free Tuesday. I had been a couple of months back, so most of the exhibits were the same. There was a new exhibit called “Reel Art,” which featured film as art. It was small and inconsequential, although I received headachy motion sickness from a piece by Atom Egoyan and someone else whose name I don’t recall. It was entitled Close and it was a film being shown in a narrow corridor such that your face was inches from the screen. And it was about cutting rabbit’s feet off of the rabbits, or some such thing. Crikey!

My favorite thing in the SF Moma is the comment books. They are on a desk in one of the exhibits with pencils, and you are invited to write whatever you’d like. And the stuff people write is absolutely precious. From small children writing simplistic things to small essays on the meaning of minimalism, I never fail to be entertained. An interesting trend was found in today’s comment books, however. It seems someone from the South Side had decided to tag the books by writing South Side on as many pages as possible. This led to a small tag war within the book.

Someone else hypothesized that some of the pieces within the museum take on the concept of a fascist gallery, like the museum is. This led to fascism being a running gag throughout the rest of this book, with many references to it on the following pages, all of them sarcastic. I think it would be a great part-time job to be the person who reads and interprets the comments within these books. I may need help for a few of them, as they are in foreign languages!

The next part of the day involved The Free Challenge, which was to attempt to prove the urban legend that Giants tickets are found left behind at bars and on newspaper racks on poorly attended weeknights at Pac Bell. And tonight was going to be one of those nights. The Twins are in town, and they are not a big drawing card in San Francisco. Plenty of good seats were available.

When I arrived, the ticket prices were already below face value. So the first thing I did was get some $1 Double Cheeseburgers at McDonald’s. Then I walked around a bit. This is 7:15, and the game has already started. I poked my head into a couple of bars and found no tickets. So I went to the free viewing area behind the right field fence and caught a couple of innings there. The guys there told me that when people have extras well after the game starts, they often bring them here.

Fourth inning rolls by, I decide to walk the lap around the park and see if any tickets are laying around on bars or newspaper racks. And I have no luck. I go back to the fence. Sure enough, people are coming in and handing out tickets, but none for me. Some scalpers have lowered their prices to $5 for box seats, but the idea was to get in for free, so I hold fast.

At the end of the sixth, I have to go to the bathroom. I ask the worker where to go and it turns out there is a public toilet outside the park. Nice. I decide to make the lap again. Many fans are leaving, which may complicate this process for me. As I round into sight of a security guard, I notice him pocketing a ticket. So I nonchalanty ask him a question.

“Do you know where people might leave tickets? Is it possible to get in this late?”

He hands me the ticket, natch. It is in the second row of the center field bleachers. So it is possible, ladies and gentlemen, to get a free ticket to a poorly attended Giants game. Unfortunately, you only get inside with three innings to go. And I never did find one on a bar or newspaper rack. But perhaps others did.

As for the game? The Twins won, 6-4. Barry Bonds hit his 627th homerun. He was on deck with the Giants down by 3, Rich Aurillia up, bases loaded, one out. But after a ten pitch at bat, he hit into an inning ending double play. This was the key moment in the game. And the Giants never really recovered. A lot of people leave these games early. It’s gross. They should leave me their ticket next time!

I found out tomorrow is Free Zoo day, but I think I need to rest up tomorrow. I sense I may be coming down with something, and need to fight it off. Wish me luck!

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