My Top 20 Artists Right Now

Every once in a while, I’ll use a complex scoring system to determine who my favorite musical acts are right now. The artists are scored by:

1. How far I’d go out of my way to see them live

2. The quality of their recent material when considered against their entire catalog

3. My current obsession with their music as a whole

In order to be eligible, bands need to have either 3 full length albums or have 2 albums plus a significant amount of other material (singles, B-sides, covers, live tracks, etc.). I make the final determination on eligibility. (Note: bands that are on this list are not eligible for induction into the Gordon’s Music Hall of Fame and vice versa.) I keep the scores themselves secret, but as of June 21, 2013, these are my 20 favorite artists, in order:

1. Elbow
2. Muse
3. Arcade Fire
4. The Polyphonic Spree
5. The Dismemberment Plan
6. The Joy Formidable
7. Friendly Fires
8. Daft Punk
9. Porcupine Tree
10. Linkin Park
11. Yeasayer
12. Belle & Sebastian
13. Foals
14. Bloc Party
15. Decemberists
16. Metric
17. Mates of State
18. Ozomatli
19. Death Cab For Cutie
20. Franz Ferdinand

I didn't give them these trophies.

I didn’t give them these trophies.

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