My Resume May 2005 – June 2011.

  • Managed $200,000 per year in positive contributing PPC campaigns, focusing on Google Adwords
  • Tested all new products, including Bluetooth headsets, headphones, and office telephone products, to decide whether or not we’ll carry them
  • Proofread and edited all online and print marketing materials
  • Managed relations with third-party sales outlets such as Amazon and eBay
  • Built and maintained all current revenue projection models for the company
  • Moderated weekly marketing team meetings
  • Analyzed all data for both customers and prospects, and determining which markets to target

Spinning Platters March 2009 – Current.

  • Publish and serve as editor in chief of the Bay Area’s largest music review website
  • Built audience from 0 to over 10,000 unique visitors per month within one year
  • Designed SEO strategy which puts us at #1 on Google for our key terms as well as many relevant long tail searches
  • Communicate daily with multiple musicians’ PR firms
  • Manage a staff of over 20 volunteer contributors
  • Installed WordPress with custom themes and components
  • Host a weekly podcast with interviews of musicians, other bloggers, and music management people

Highlights from other positions:

Sharper Image 2003-2004 – Contract accountant responsible for wholesale accounts and retail sales tax filings 1998-2001 – Earned over $100K in annual revenue on eBay buying and selling rare and out-of-print VHS tapes

Additional software proficiencies:

SAP Desktop Intelligence, Microsoft SQL Server

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