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My Favorite Albums of 2009

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Spinning Platters Top 15 Albums of 2009, and you’ve been waiting patiently for me to release my personal list with it’s accompanying witty commentary. (Just don’t look for little album cover photos here like I had over there; that took ages.) One change for this year is that I’ve written full reviews for many of these albums over on Spinning Platters. For those albums, I’m providing convenient links rather than writing new material. It takes a lot of time, this editor in chief thing, so I’m looking to save some. Read on, dear readers! Read more…

More posts at Spinning Platters

June 17, 2009 Leave a comment

A review of Patrick Wolf at Slim’s:

A day in the life of a music nerd with We Be the Echo, Kippis Band, The G.A.V., and A Current Affair:

I pick six of my favorite YouTube music clips: